Will A Cute Water Bottle Really Help You Hydrate More? (Tbh, It Can't Hurt)

Since we were kids, people have been telling us that it's crucial to drink a lot of water to stay healthy. Even the CDC explains that there are many reasons why we need to consume healthy amounts of water daily, as water will keep our bodies safe and hydrated. It's also a good idea to drink water before coffee in the morning. But before you roll your eyes, assuming that this is yet another article telling you to drink more water each day, we want to address something. We know how hard it is to resist the temptation to drink more "fun" beverages instead of water. From exciting alcohol to bubbly sodas to creamy milkshakes to fruity smoothies, water can seem dull compared to other drink choices.

Suppose you think you may not drink enough water, or struggle to choose water over other beverages. In that case, some psychological suggestions can help you up your water consumption, such as keeping water on your desk or bringing water to the gym (and other places that tend to make you thirsty). Add one to the list: investing in a pretty water bottle can tempt you to drink more H20.

A cute water bottle can inspire you to drink more water

While buying a stylish water bottle won't guarantee that you'll magically drink significantly more H20 than you did before, the aesthetic will likely make water seem more appealing than it would in a typical plastic bottle or cup. One of the most common complaints regarding water is that it's boring. So, forcing yourself to sip water out of a traditional Poland Spring bottle or plastic cup will only make the healthy drink seem more boring than ever. But when it's in a beautiful bottle, water may not seem so dull.

After all, think of alcohol. When you disregard the fun feelings alcohol can provide, most alcohol tastes, well, bad — if you sit down and think about it. But bartenders often lure us to drink by serving these strong beverages in stylish glasses with gorgeous garnishes that make the drinks look better than they taste. Moreover, brands have clever packaging and designs that make their alcoholic beverages seem fun and refreshing. You can be your own bartender by pouring water into an appealing bottle that will make the drink seem more fun than it really is. Furthermore, having a bold water bottle can remind you to drink your H20. If you're busy, it's easy to overlook a clear cup or plain bottle — but it won't be so easy to ignore a colorful or unique bottle.

People can become attached to their water bottles

While it's common to forget about a boring water bottle from the vending machine, you likely won't lose a special water bottle you paid for and personally selected. Some people even get attached when they consistently use a specific water bottle, as emotional support water bottles became trendy in the 2020s. If you become slightly attached to your favorite water bottle, not only can holding the product help you feel more comfortable when you're stressed, but it'll probably lead to you drinking more water. It's a win-win situation.

Some people add more meaning to their water bottles by customizing them in ways that reflect the user's unique personality and style. For instance, TikToker @theblingbabyy posted a video showing viewers how she bedazzled a white water bottle, covering the item with sparkly rhinestones. Those shiny details transformed the object from a typical water bottle to a glamorous accessory. Moreover, T.J. Maxx posted an amusing video on TikTok suggesting that what someone's water bottle looks like can tell you a lot about that person's personality. While the video was funny, there's truth to it. As someone commented, "The color coordinate was too accurate," and someone else commented, "wait this is true." Don't be afraid to invest in a water bottle that reflects your personality, as you'll likely enjoy using it more if it reflects your interests or style.