4 Signs That Definitely Won't Work With A Hard-Headed Taurus

People with prominent Taurus placements in their birth charts are known to be earthy, grounded, stubborn, and a bit indulgent. And just as with any sign of the zodiac wheel, there are some people who get along with them amazingly and others who don't exactly mesh well with this bull. Naturally, signs of the same element — earth, fire, air, or water — feel a certain magnetism toward one another and generally get along quite well. This can sometimes also be said of signs who share the same modality — cardinal, mutable, or fixed. Meanwhile, pairings with different elements or modalities might see more friction.


When it comes to Taurus, some zodiac signs that typically don't work smoothly with the hard-headed sign are Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, and Leo — though as always, there's more to our cosmic makeup than just our sun signs. It's always wise to check in on readings for your rising and moon sign too, and this also can apply to compatibilities between signs. Let's take a closer look at why these four signs tend not to work too well with Taurus.


As the adventurer of the zodiac, a fiery Sagittarius is always on the move. They crave novelty and excitement. They also have a tendency to be blunt and tell it like it is, which may come across as too chaotic to earth signs like Taurus, who favors stability and will be less likely to stir the pot or do anything unexpected. The two signs differ in more ways than one, but a Sagittarius will likely be most baffled by Taurus' habit of wanting to stay home rather than go out for an adventure. 


The bull is also extremely drawn to earthly pleasures and needs ample time and resources to indulge in them. Meanwhile, Sagittarians tend to value the philosophical above just about all else, so they likely won't find it easy to relate to a Taurus and their love of materialism. Of course, we all know opposites certainly can and do attract — and that may be the initial case with these two, but it isn't likely to be a sturdy, long-lasting situation. The archers of the zodiac will likely find a better-suited companion in someone with a similar energy, like an Aries.


Much like Sagittarius, Gemini is constantly buzzing with the flow of life. They crave intellectual stimulation nearly constantly and are known to be chatty, gossipy, and extremely social. While again, there may be an initial attraction, Gemini will soon feel bogged down by Taurus and their need to have things their way. Both signs are relatively young when considering their placement on the zodiac wheel, and there is a youthful energy about them both, but as earth and air signs, their natural dispositions just aren't the most complementary. Without a doubt, there are other signs Gemini would be far more compatible with


The differences in their social habits are likely to drive a wedge between them before too long. A Taurus tends to be loyal and is likely to keep a smaller social circle. A Gemini, on the other hand, will crawl out of their skin if they aren't flitting between various social circles, and they aren't likely to miss any event, big or small. While the two signs are both passionate about their hobbies and art forms and very well may bond over a shared interest, ultimately, it's Taurus' need for security and Gemini's need for exploration that will lead them down separate roads.


As another fire and earth duo, these two signs will likely be at odds from the get-go. An Aries is always working toward a goal and striving to be their best. They aren't exactly stopping to smell the roses like Taurus, and the conflicting pace between these two will have them on different pages. They may try to understand one another, but Aries will have a hard time interpreting Taurus' slow living as anything other than, well, lazy. And Taurus will likely feel overwhelmed by Aries' fiery, non-stop energy levels.


They do share the quality of stubbornness — but that will likely lead to more issues than a sense of relatability between the two. Neither sign has the slightest interest in being controlled and can't settle for a life where things aren't just the way they desire them to be. Again, the whole birth chart matters when it comes to compatibility, but clashing between these two strong signs is very much to be expected. Taurus is definitely one of the zodiac signs that won't work with Aries. 


Leo is likely to be the most aligned of the signs that don't work with a hard-headed Taurus, as these two share the same modality and therefore have the capacity to connect. But there's a big caveat. Leo may be a fixed sign like Taurus, but it's also a fire sign — and by now, after seeing the reasons for Taurus' lack of compatibility with Sagittarius and Aries, we know how that goes. While Taurus is typically content to let Leo have center stage, the differing values of these signs often prove to be too problematic in the long term, and there's no easy road to working out their issues. Neither Taurus nor Leo is likely to back down or offer to see things from the other's perspective in an argument — so long standoffs are expected for this duo.


Both enjoy luxury and indulgence, but Taurus will likely grow tired of Leo's vanity. As the practical and grounded half of the duo, Taurus will ultimately be a roadblock in Leo's eyes, dragging them down from the dazzling dream life they're creating. That being said, the two signs will certainly garner attention with their magnetic energy, beauty, and status — for however long a relationship between them lasts.