How To Wear Pink & Green Together For The Ultimate Watermelon Sugar Look

"I don't know if I could ever go without, watermelon sugar, high." Unless you live under a rock or avoid pop music at all costs, you've probably heard these lyrics from "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles — at least a million times. The catchy, summery song constantly plays on the radio, on peoples' phones, and at every bar and nightclub. While some people are starting to get tired of hearing the tune on what seems like an endless repeat, many others will never get enough of it. If Styles has you obsessing over watermelon, there are ways to work the sweet fruit into your everyday life — and not just by eating more of it. For instance, you might want to look into watermelon skincare and if it's worth the hype.

Another way to show some watermelon sugar love is to wear more pink and green. The combination might sound odd, but 2023 is about dopamine dressing and embracing maximalism for colorful fun with fashion. So, you shouldn't be afraid to wear pink and green together to rock some watermelon sugar-inspired looks.

Try it on a sunny day

Pink and green outfits typically appear fun, upbeat, and cutesy, never serious, dull, or boring. If you're new to wearing pink and green together, it's a good idea to experiment with the color combination on a sunny day that matches that bright energy. You'll likely feel more ready if you do so on a day with pleasant weather than you would on a rainy or freezing cold day. Therefore, spring, summer, and fall are the best seasons to wear pink and green garments together.

Go bright and bold

If you're wearing pink and green together, you'll likely turn some heads. So why not go all-in and make a statement with a vivid pink top and a bright green skirt or pants? Opting for bright shades of pink and green will provide intense contrast, perfect for loud and cheerful looks that will make anyone smile.

Ease into it with a subtle green

On the other hand, anyone new to pairing pink and green pieces together might want to ease into the combination with a more low-key outfit. For example, understated green sweatpants or joggers will complement a pink T-shirt. You'll have a cute and casual ensemble that won't appear overly intense. Maybe you'll like the outfit so much that you'll be inspired to go bolder next time!

Explore pink accessories with green outfits and vice versa

If you're interested in the pink and green color combination but still unsure about wearing pink and green clothing together in one outfit, you can use accessories instead. For instance, consider carrying a bright pink purse and sunglasses with a monochromatic outfit or flaunting a green belt with a pink outfit. Doing so will add a cute pop of contrast that you can remove if you change your mind.

Wear a garment featuring both hues

Some pieces feature patterns that already have hints of pink and green, doing the work for you. For example, a blouse might present an abstract or floral design with splashes of pink and green. Wear a top like that with more low-key bottoms, such as jeans, or make more of a standout outfit by pairing it with pink pants.

Just have fun

A pink and green outfit will always appear at least somewhat quirky. Focus on styling a unique, creative outfit rather than trying to make it look perfect. No matter how you style a pink and green ensemble, it won't be forgettable — so most importantly, have fun. Maybe it'll go over so well that you'll end up in a Harry Styles music video!