TikTok's Black Cat-Golden Retriever Energy Trend Takes The Opposites Attract Adage Up A Notch

One of the most highly talked-about relationship-related debates is whether or not opposites really do attract. While some believe opposites don't always attract, some of the most exciting, successful, and unique relationships and friendships consist of people with different personality traits and interests. "If you're someone who's always been a bit reserved, dating someone who's more outgoing could help you come out of your shell and explore new experiences... Similarly, if you've always been very analytical and logical, dating someone who's more creative and intuitive could help you tap into your emotional side," Amira Martin, LCSW, a therapist and adjunct professor at Columbia University's School of Social Work, told MindBodyGreen Relationships.


While the bubbly and icy duo is nothing new, TikTok puts these pairings in the spotlight by comparing them to golden retrievers and black cats. As random as this TikTok trend sounds, it's as relatable as it is cute. After all, can you think of anything more charming than a cheerful golden retriever hanging out with a mysterious black cat?

The black cat and golden retriever analogy is all over TikTok

In an opposites-attract couple or friendship, the black cat is the quiet, standoffish individual, while the golden retriever is the upbeat, friendly person. If you want to figure out whether you're more of a black cat or golden retriever, you can even take a BuzzFeed quiz to know for sure. You can find countless examples of the black cat and golden retriever duos on TikTok, such as a video by TikToker @maybebaylee that described the relationship of a perky boyfriend — the golden retriever — and a no-nonsense girlfriend — the black cat — as "one of the best romantic dynamics." Many amused viewers commented, tagging the golden retriever to their black cat — or vice versa — and one person even wrote, "This is exactly how I wish my future relationship to turn out."


While black cat and golden retriever couples are adorable, the dynamic isn't limited to romantic relationships, as a black cat and golden retriever friendship can be just as fun. For example, TikTok user @katiehogsett posted a video in a park featuring one girl in a dark outfit in the shade and another in a light ensemble under the sunlight and captioned the video, "Spotted a black cat and golden retriever pre-friendship in the wild." The video has over 540,000 likes at the time of writing, with comments including, "This is so cute" and "It really does look like a movie scene."

Many famous duos fit this metaphor

When you think about the black cat and golden retriever idea, you'll recognize that many iconic celebrities and fictional couples fall under the category. For instance, look at Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. While the duo seems to have intense ups and downs, there's no denying that the two give off the black cat and golden retriever energy when they're together. While Kelly often appears smiley, affectionate, and talkative, Fox typically gives off more of an icy persona (via TikTok). There's no guessing what's next for that controversial golden retriever and black cat, but we know that everyone will be talking about it on social media!


Some beloved fictional couples give off that energy, too, such as the intense Santana and the ditzy Brittany from "Glee," as Brittany's softer presence beautifully balanced Santana's darker and meaner vibe. Furthermore, one fictional friendship that hilariously matches the trend is the dynamic between Cat and Jade on "Victorious," as Cat's ditzy, innocent personality and Jade's intense, unfriendly persona (via TikTok) made for an amusing and iconic fictional friendship.