Marbled Hair Is The Ideal Trend For Fans Of Multiple Colors

You might have marble tile in your kitchen or even marble nail art, but were you aware of the marbled hair trend? This gorgeous look involves combining two or more contrasting shades into one blended look. It's perfect if you can't quite decide which colors you'd like to dye your hair, and it adds a lot of depth. Marbled hair can be done on any hair type or length, and it works well on waves.

Ashleigh Hodges, creative director at Jamie Stevens Hair in London explains, "It's a progression of the color melt technique (where colors are blended together down the hair) and uses a color melt as the base, and then you go back in with a darker color to marble depth into the hair," per an interview with Creative Head Magazine. This look can also be achieved with two different large panels of color layered on top of each other, as worn by Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus. Whether you'd like to stay on the natural side or go for bright colors, there are lots of ways to rock marbled hair. 

Contrast with color

What truly makes marbled hair work is the contrast between the two colors. Keep the top of your hair dark and pick any color you'd like, letting it blend down to the ends of your hair. Darker roots compliment this look, and you don't need to dye them to match the rest of your hair. In this case, your roots will make the color pop. 

Multicolored marble

Craving even more color and can't decide on just one? This is what marbled hair is all about. You can choose several colors, allowing your hair stylist to create textured streaks like the veins in marble. You could even go for an ombré look, starting with one color towards the top of your head and blending down to a different tone. From lilac to dark violet or sky blue to aquamarine, experiment with your favorite colors. 

Brown on blond

You don't necessarily need bright colors to nail this trend. Marbled hair is stunning with natural colors, adding some depth and texture to your hair. Actress Billie Piper wore this look at the BAFTAs, with streaks of blond and dark brown twisting together in a gorgeous updo. 

Silver waves

If you're going for a grayscale aesthetic, add some streaks of silver to give the hair more dimension. You can opt for a full head of grays and silvers or start darker on top and add some whisps of silver on the tips of the hair. Though some believe silver hair is outdated, you can't deny that it works well for marbled hair.  

Buzz cut season

Have a short hairstyle? You won't be left out of this trend. If you want to spice up your buzz cut, you can dye it multiple colors for a marbly effect. Though you'll need some touch-ups as your hair grows back, this buzz cut stands out from the rest. 

3D holographic

Though it's the most time-consuming to execute, holographic marbled hair is certainly the most show-stopping. This involves having your hair dyed across multiple sections, most commonly in pastel tones, so that there's a holographic effect when the hair falls into its natural place. Dyeing your hair pastel comes with a lot of maintenance, but with the right hair stylist, anything is possible.