The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Least To Most Toxic

All astrological signs have some toxic traits, as it's just a matter of being human. As balanced beings, we have our ups and downs, our good sides, and our bad sides — the yin and the yang. However, some people are far more toxic than others, and there is a chance your birth chart could have something to say about how toxic you really are as a person.


We're starting with the least toxic of the signs and moving all the way to those who have toxic traits in all the bad places. It's important to know, though, that if you feel that these don't fit you, consider looking at your rising sign/ascendant, which is how we act toward the people around us and in social settings; perhaps, this will help you to understand yourself better. You could be a Scorpio sun sign and not be manipulative or the type to seek revenge because your rising sign is Aquarius, and your compassion takes over that drive to be mean. You could also be someone who leans more into their positive traits than their negative ones.

Understanding the toxicity levels of each sign helps us get an understanding of which traits are worse than others — after all, we all know there are different levels of toxic when it comes to people.


Compassionate Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign, one of the communicators of the zodiac. As the sign's water-bearer symbol suggests, it caters to individuals who care, sometimes too much, about other people. This is why we see them as compassionate individuals; they're willing to put their own issues aside to help someone in need, although that compassion can sometimes miss the people who are closest to them – Aquarius can seem neglectful of their family members and close friends. If you confront them about their aloofness, they may respond in a sarcastic manner, another of Aquarius' toxic traits. Sarcasm isn't always bad, but if you aren't a fan of this form of humor, Aquarius may not be the best person to have in your inner circle.


While Aquarius may sometimes seem to be more self-centered than caring, their minds are always on the go thinking of how they can change the world. They're known for their stubbornness, but this can be a positive trait if it makes them focus on making wrong things right. Their compassion can be held from people who have personally hurt them, though, which is a toxic trait Aquarius should work on overcoming.

Sensitive Pisces

Pisces, as a water sign, tend to go with the flow. However, they have a dark side that makes them swim away when they get overwhelmed. While some may see this as toxic, it's really just the fish's form of self-care. Though swimming away for some alone time — which could last for days or weeks — may seem harsh to the people in Pisces' life, this fish is used to being there for everyone all the time and definitely deserves a break.


As overthinkers, their time away will be spent thinking about what to do next, what went wrong, and why things are the way they are. When lost in their own imaginative heads, people see Pisces as lazy, but they are really just imagining all the scenarios of whatever they need to accomplish. While not being able to make up their minds, like ever, may seem toxic to those who feel as if they have to decide for their Pisces partners, family members, and friends, the fish is just taking it easy and not putting much care into things they don't see as super important. They'll get to it on their own time and are not being this way just to test you or to get you to do everything for them.

Ambitious Capricorn

Most of us know Capricorns as ambitious workaholics, and that may be why some people see Capricorns in a negative light. Their minor toxic trait is that they sometimes make others feel as if they're not putting enough work in themselves. This projecting can be harmful to someone who doesn't have as much drive as the goat. It's not easy to keep up with someone who would be happy and content working seven days a week, but they do it because that is their passion.


While some Capricorns have a tendency to put themselves before all others in their lives, they believe they're doing it for the greater good. If they focus on their successes — because they sometimes have trouble dealing with their failures — they feel as though they can get more done and have more to offer the people in their lives. While they may seem stuck in their own little world, Capricorn is really just trying to make a life worth living, which means keeping money in the bank for themselves and their family. If you feel they don't care, it's not that they're ungrateful, they're just too busy to put too much time into all of the plans inside their heads.

Moody Cancer

Cancer is by far the most emotional sign of the zodiac, though it's in their inability to control these emotions that their most toxic trait is found. Those represented by the crab can be moody, and that moodiness often comes off completely wrong to the people around them. However, Cancers aren't trying to bring you down; they just don't know how to stop letting their feelings control them. A Cancer person who takes the time to develop their emotional intelligence is far more balanced and unlikely to come across as clingy and toxic.


Because Cancer is known to keep their emotions locked inside until they explode, they tend to be more toxic to themselves. They are the types of folks who bully themselves for all their wrongdoings. And, once they choose to let the floodgates open, they can't stop until they've spewed out all of the garbage they've been holding in — which can come off as self-centered to people who haven't experienced the dams breaking before. You can help Cancer with their toxic traits by showing that you're a safe space for them to vent their emotions and help them keep from letting everything stew inside.

Virgo the Victim

Now we get to the signs whose toxic traits are a little less accidental, or simply character flaws, starting with Virgo who likes to play the victim card whenever they can. On the positive side, Virgo is a kind person, but this logical earth sign can spend too much time being critical of themselves and others. This comes off as toxic to others, as a Virgo can make someone feel they can do nothing right. However, Virgo is also this way to themselves, which deteriorates this sign's self-esteem and makes them distant even from those they're closest to.


If you're feeling judged by a Virgo and finding it difficult to help them find the happy and positive side of a situation, consider agreeing to disagree. Unless they see a situation your way on their own, you won't be able to change their opinion — don't even waste your breath. Instead, give a Virgo the time they need to ground themselves again, and they'll be back to their kind and caring side for a while. Virgos need that connection to their earth element to feel stable.

Irritable Taurus

As if Taurus' stubbornness and bull-headedness weren't bad enough, those aren't the only toxic traits of this sign. While they very much get connected to the people they let into their inner circle, they also want those people to follow the rules they set forth. Yes, they can be controlling, which is toxic and can make the person or people they're controlling feel neglected and manipulated.


Even if you work things out with a toxic Taurus, they have a habit of remembering every wrongdoing you did to them and won't let it go. They have sharp minds that keep things held there like a trap just waiting for the right time to remind you of that one time you did them wrong. Of course, not all people born under the sign of Taurus are like this, but those bulls definitely have streaks where they just want to be left alone to be angry and strive to put themselves first, your issues be damned. Even a bull-headed bull needs affection once in a while, so they'll be back to their loving selves in no time. You just have to be more patient than they are.

Controlling Libra

Represented by the scales, one may imagine Libra to be a balanced individual, but that isn't always the case. They love to be in control, so when faced with a difficult decision, they will take control. It doesn't matter whether you want them to make decisions for you or not; they will because they want problems resolved as quickly as possible. Perhaps that could be a good trait in some people's eyes, but Libras also lack patience, and their need to be in a hurry can stress some people out.


As air signs, Libra are excellent communicators, but that skill comes with some toxic behaviors. One of these toxic talents is manipulation. Libra can turn on the charisma to get you to do whatever it is they want. But, because they are also people-pleasers, you could turn a situation around on them and manipulate them. Fighting fire with fire is something that will work with this sign. But, before you go turning the tables, keep in mind that they may turn on their fix-it side again to gain control without you even realizing it.

Entitled Leo

Leo is represented by the king of the jungle, and sometimes that pride takes over, making them appear conceited. Yet, they just have a healthy self-esteem, and some other signs could learn a lot from them when it comes to confidence. On the other hand, Leos definitely lean into toxicity when the need strikes. When they don't get their way, they can become upset and may even throw an adult version of a temper tantrum.


Leos have big egos, and there's nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself unless you let it make you vain or you take it to the depths of narcissism. While not all Leos are narcissistic, it is an easy personality trait for them to fall into. If you know a Leo who is a master at manipulation, uses their charisma to get what they want, and thinks highly of only themselves, you may know a narcissist. However, don't confuse a flashy, outgoing Leo who thinks highly of themselves with one who has a chip on their shoulder — it's the Leos who want all eyes on them and them alone to watch out for. For the most part, Leos are creative and loving, but if you get on their bad side, they can become arrogant. 


Vengeful Scorpio

Scorpios are a dark and mysterious bunch, which gives them a bad rap. Some people see them as conceited, but that's just because they like to keep themselves in the dark, in the shadows, and keep an air of mystery around them. Of course, they do have some negative traits that can become toxic when they get out of control, not the least of which is their impatience and need to be in charge. Scorpio would rather be the boss than be bossed around. And, when they have their minds set on something, they want to do it right now, no matter your stance.


When you hurt a Scorpio, that stinger is there for a reason. While not all Scorpios are looking to seek revenge on those who wrong them, if you hurt them to the core, expect them not to sit idly by while you live a happy life — they'll find a way to be sure you remember what you did to them and, perhaps, even pay for it in some way. If you don't want to get stung, don't do this sign wrong. They're not out to hurt people unless they get hurt first.

Smug Aries

On one hand, Aries are passionate people who strive to enjoy life and avoid conflict. On the other hand, they're a fiery sign whose passions can turn to the dark side and become toxic. Their preference for being alone can lead to difficulty in relating to other people. Aries are not the most empathetic people out there, and, in fact, they have to try very hard to feel empathy. This lack can lead to a bit of narcissism, perhaps even more than Leo. Because Aries have a good amount of self-esteem, they can come off as smug. That smugness makes them unapproachable at times. They don't always mean to chase people away, but Aries are happier when they're on their own.


Aries are great at cutting others off as well. If they don't want to hear your opinion or what you have to say, they'll let you know, either verbally or by leaving the conversation altogether. Of course, with Mars as their ruler, they get angry fast, but once they cool down, you'll see a different, calmer, more rational Aries — just don't expect them to apologize for their rash behavior.

Blunt Sagittarius

The last of the fire signs, Sagittarius also has a problem with their ego at times, which can lead to narcissism when left unchecked. As one of the most adventurous signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius tries to get along with others, but their larger-than-life personalities often get in the way. Sagittarius loves attention, so they can be loud and boisterous, and to someone who is quiet and unassuming, this sort of behavior may come off as toxic.


When it comes to living with a Sagittarius in your life, you can always expect to have fun and talk a lot but also to have to deal with their judging attitudes and their inability to sugarcoat. Sagittarius will always tell it how it is, and they have no filter that holds back the opinions that may hurt you. Toxic as this may be, sometimes they're saying these things for your own good, and you have to get past the harshness of their words to the truth of the matter. Just bite your tongue and listen — even if it's harsh, there are tidbits of important wisdom in their cutting words.

Gossipy Gemini

We know it's difficult being represented by the twins, two halves of one whole, two personalities battling for attention — but that's what makes Gemini the most toxic sign of the zodiac. Unfortunately for fun-loving and inquisitive Geminis, they often end up at the No. 1 most disliked spot of all lists on zodiac signs. This is for many reasons, and each person who has dealt with a Gemini will likely have their own. But, Gemini is in this position on our list simply because of their traits, not for any personal reasons — we promise.


As an intellectual air sign, Geminis are great talkers, but because they like to talk and get to know people, they tend to be great gossips as well. Because they find it hard to commit to anything, really, they often flake out last minute on plans, making them very unreliable. The worst of their toxic traits, though, is probably their ability to switch moods in the blink of an eye. You could one minute be dealing with a happy-go-lucky Gemini who is all laughs and rainbows, and the next minute they're flying off the handle about something you said that they apparently took the wrong way. They may be good at communicating, but they're not always the best at getting social cues.