7 Purse Trends You'll Be Carrying With You All Summer Long

You're never fully dressed without the right accessories. It's true that an outfit looks the most complete when paired with good finishing details. So, if you're looking for pieces to accent your outfits this summer, look no further than these stylish purses which will be your vessel to hold your chapstick, sunscreen, and the rest of your essentials for all your warm-weather adventures. From music festivals to brunches to vacations, the right bag makes all the difference.

The "it" bags of the summer perfectly mix utility and style. We're seeing unique sizes and shapes take center stage as warmer weather settles in. A little bit of texture adds instant visual interest to your outfit. Big or small, you're bound to find your favorite new purse in one of these trends. Make them your everyday bag or show them off on a night out on the town; you'll have plenty of opportunities to be the most fashion-forward one at the function.

Structured top handles

Structure and tailoring have been a trend for clothing over the last season, so it only makes sense for this trend to move over to bags as well. These bags tend to look timeless and chic, so they're the perfect piece to pair with blazers and trousers and to take you from the office to drinks. Look for simple silhouettes with a bold top handle that puts the bag in the spotlight. While neutral colors go along with the classic and timeless look, don't be afraid to make a statement with bold hues.

Carry-it-all tote bag

There's no more functional purse than a tote bag. These large bags can carry everything you need, no matter where you're headed. This summer, the standard tote bag is getting maximized. Oversized bags have been spotted all over the runway, but they don't only offer a stylish accent. These are going to be used by people who have back-to-back plans and don't have time to go home in between. These carry-all tote bags can hold work essentials like your laptop and papers alongside beauty necessities, a water bottle, and maybe even a change of clothes.

A little sporty

This summer, consider talking up a new sporty activity and using your purse to show it off. High-fashion runways have been featuring combination bags that allow you to hold your racquet and store all of your daily essentials. But if you're not planning on taking up tennis, you can still indulge in the athleisure-inspired sporty bag trend. Cross-body bags and belt bags provide that on-the-way-to-practice look without actually having to hit the courts. Paired with fresh sneakers and relaxed-fit jeans, you'll look like an off-duty athlete all summer long.

All the texture

Texture is a surefire way to make your outfit look more interesting. And adding a touch of texture with your purse is great for visual complexity. This summer, be on the lookout for crochet, woven, and wicker bags along with additions like metal links, paillettes, and beads that will give your daily look a little bit of a pop. Woven and wicker are ideal for a vacation, bringing that effortless summer breeziness to a look. Meanwhile, crochet and knit make great farmers' market bags. Take purses with statement embellishments on dinner dates and cocktail hours.

Canvas is a classic

Canvas is nowhere near a new trend, but this classic material is getting a reboot and having a resurgence. The material makes great durable tote bags and cross-bodies, so they're ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Rest assured that you can take these wherever you go and they'll maintain their appearance. What's best is that canvas totes, as timeless as they are, are always getting revived in a variety of styles. So you'll be able to find one that fits seamlessly into your wardrobe this summer.

The bucket bag

Bucket and basket bags are deep, but not that wide, resembling a little handheld pail to hold all of your essentials. They're sleek options that will definitely make you look like the cool, trendy girl when you wear them out this summer. Look for bags that may have woven or leather outer shells and fabric centers for a unique mix of textures. They are great for dinners with friends but also have a laidback vacation air, so they're great if you're heading to the beach this summer, too.

Pretty in pink

This summer, expect to see shades of pink taking over handbags and beyond. Pink is joyful, youthful, and just overall fun, so it's the ideal shade for a season that represents the same thing. In recent years, more people have been embracing the power of pink to infuse more color into their wardrobes, and this summer will be no different. From deep corals to pastel pinks, you can bet the shade will be a favorite of the season. After all, it is a great color to add a bright pop to any outfit.