The 'Morning Basket' Is The TikTok Viral Solution For Remembering All The Steps In Your Routine

TikTok has brought people into each other's lives and homes on an even more intimate level than the social media platforms that came before it. For example, #cleantok is where people show candid and sometimes shocking before and after videos of the cluttered or dirty spaces in their homes. Similarly, #adhdtok is full of people who struggle with procrastination, executive dysfunction, and task avoidance, and who openly swap tips for finding ways to tackle daily functions like showering and toothbrushing.

Recently, a minimalist TikTokker known on the app as @downsizeupgrade posted a video detailing her "morning basket" and how it helps her save time and energy each morning. While the account has a fairly small following, the video has garnered quite a bit of attention and has been viewed nearly 400,000 times. If you need a bit of help remembering all the steps of your morning routine and believe a morning basket sounds like exactly what you need, here's how to put one together. 

Step one: Choose a container and a location

Choosing a container to use as your morning basket might seem like an almost insultingly obvious step, but hear us out. There are a few factors you might not normally consider that could end up contributing to whether your morning basket becomes an indispensable daily tool or just another idea that fell by the wayside. Before you decide on a container, you should decide where the container's home will be.

Ask yourself where you perform your morning routine. Do you start your day at the bathroom sink? The kitchen sink? The vanity in your bedroom? This is where you'll want your morning basket to live. Once you know where you'll be setting up your basket, you can assess the best size and shape that will suit the space you have available in that area. Then, take a rough look at the number of products you typically use each morning and how large of a container they'll require. Your container doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. It also doesn't have to be a literal basket. You can find a perfectly usable basket or cosmetic bag at a thrift or dollar store, or even reuse a simple shoebox from your closet. 

Step two: Choose your specific contents

Once you've decided where you'll keep your morning basket and chosen an appropriately sized container, it's time to choose exactly what you'll keep in the basket. Start with the absolute necessities. If you don't have a permanent place for your toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste, add them to your basket. If you take medication or daily multi-vitamins in the morning, add them as well. Then, move on to makeup and skincare items.

Include your morning facial cleanser, moisturizer, and any daytime serums or sunscreens. Don't forget a headband or hair clip to hold your hair back during cleansing. Next, add in your everyday basic makeup products and their designated brushes or applicators. If you have any room left in your basket, add your daily haircare items, such as dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner, or texturizing spray, and your hairbrush or comb. Organize your items as much as possible inside the basket and then look forward to having everything you need to get ready quickly in the morning all in one convenient space.