The 'Messy Girl' Aesthetic Is Here To Grunge Up Your Look

Thanks to TikTok star Alix Earle who calls herself "a hot mess" in her bio, people are starting to understand that they don't have to pretend to have a neat and put-together life to be happy. The TikTokker shows her college party girl lifestyle to her millions of followers and isn't afraid to discuss the not-so-perfect aspects of her otherwise glamorous life, such as her messy room and imperfect skin (via TikTok). Earle shows the TikTok world that people should party more and worry less about trying to appear perfect.

Following in Earle's footsteps, party girl fashion is all the rage right now, as people are embracing a more fun, chaotic lifestyle without worrying about what others think. So, if you have a messy home, 2023 is the time to embrace it rather than be embarrassed by it; channel your inner Alix Earle and go out partying instead of cleaning your room tonight! Thus, it's no surprise that the "messy girl aesthetic" is an actual thing in 2023, as we finally have the chance to flaunt our messy sides and seem trendy by doing so.

Don't care if you have messy hair

One of the best ways to rock the messy girl aesthetic is to nail the messy hair look. Therefore, 2023 is the time to ditch your straightener and curling iron and stop spending absurd amounts of money on products in hopes of making your hair look perfect. Instead, flaunt a messy bun or unbrushed, tousled waves for a trendy undone look.

Break out the sweatpants

In past years, it may have been considered sloppy or socially unacceptable to wear sweatpants out of the home, but not anymore. Sweatpants are perfect for the messy girl look, so now you can be cozy and trendy at the same time by wearing your sweatpants out to hang with friends or take some outfit pics. The messy girl aesthetic is about dressing down rather than up while looking cute, so pair your favorite sweatpants with a cute crop top or cami for a stylish yet lazy look.

Wear distressed everything

Thanks to this messy trend, you no longer have to replace or get rid of clothes with wear and tear. Instead, embrace those rips, stains, and distressed details, and shop for even more clothes with a distressed look. Grunge clothes are also a significant trend in the 2020s — consider rocking some ripped jeans and pieces with frayed ends like a messy-grunge girl to slay two trends at once.

The baggier, the better

Again, the messy trend isn't about looking fancy; if you want to dress for this aesthetic, opt for baggy pieces instead of ultra-flattering garments. Be comfy and casual in oversized clothes to nail the "just rolled out of bed but still looking cute" energy. If the clothes in your outfit don't fit perfectly and seem too big, those imperfections will only make the ensemble more on-point with the messy theme.

Don't worry about matching

Do you have a top and a pair of pants featuring completely different colors and patterns? Wear them together in the same outfit! Go for chaotic clashes if you want to look as messy and unpolished as possible. A dark green top and bright pink pants? Go for it! A floral top and zebra print skirt? Now's the time to try it!

Embrace asymmetry

Asymmetrical clothes go in and out of style, trendy one minute and not so much the next. But these asymmetrical garments can be excellent for the messy girl aesthetic, as intentionally wearing clothes that aren't 100% cohesive is edgy and bold for cool-girl vibes, whether the asymmetry is subtle or intense.

Explore messy makeup

This aesthetic isn't limited to hair and clothing! Get wild with your makeup and embrace smudges and asymmetry. Don't perfectly line your lips, prime your face, or fill in your brows, as no true messy girl would bother with all that effort. Instead, embrace your imperfections, and don't be afraid if your makeup gets, well, messy!