Best Press-On Nails: The 2023 Glam Beauty Awards

Welcome to the golden age of beauty where viral beauty hacks run rampant, DIY at-home treatments are trendier than ever, and the girlies are getting their manicures from the comfort of their own homes. No, we aren't shuffling out hundreds of dollars on a professional traveling in-home manicurist; we're simply popping the nails on and calling it a beautiful day. That's right: We're talking about press-on nails.


Why sit in an uncomfortable nail salon chair for over an hour when you can achieve the same exact results for half the price and half the time? As viral internet sensation Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins once said: "Ain't nobody got time for that." What we do have time for, though, is scouring the internet for the best set of press-on nails one can find. Thankfully, we already did that, and we've got the lowdown.

This is Glam's 2023 Beauty Awards: press-on nails edition. We visited several beauty and big-box retailers, from Ulta and Sephora to Walmart and Target, to test each store's trendiest selection of press-on nails. We even explored popular online shops to get our hands on the best of the best. We tested each kit for durability, longevity, style, and comfort to give you a comprehensive list of the best press-on nails on the market. And we found a top contender that will have everybody begging for your nail tech's phone number. 


Read more about the 2023 Glam Beauty Awards methodology and all the top picks here.

Best Overall: Glamnetic Press-On Nails

If you're a fan of a fresh acrylic manicure complete with durable tips that not only last a long time but look pristine, then hit "add to cart" on Glamnetic's Press-On Nails pronto. When we tell you we were ready to remove these nails before they were ready to come off, we're not exaggerating. These nails simply do not give up. One reviewer on Sephora even said, "They're practically cemented to my hand. Not a single nail has budged even a millimeter."


With proper prep work, like gently buffing the surface of your natural nail and cleaning it with alcohol, these nails stay on for at least two weeks — if not longer — just in time for you to switch up your look again. Or, if you're anything like us, you'll probably reuse the ones in the package since you won't be able to bid farewell just yet to your chosen Glamnetic set's stunning design (we don't blame you).

The nail kit comes with a standard small stick to push back the cuticles, an alcohol pad to sanitize the nailbed before application, and 30 various-sized nails to perfectly customize the press-on to your natural nail. Plus, they come in nearly every nail shape you could want — almond, round, square, and coffin — and are even available in "super short" lengths. They're sturdy, chic, long-lasting, and look like the real deal. Nail salon, who?


Purchase Glamnetic Press-On Nails on Amazon for $14.99.

Best trendy designs: Static Nails

A massive reason we can't stay away from a fresh mani? We love how pretty our fingers look afterward. Of course, getting your nails done is also an act of self-care that comes with a handful of other fantastic perks, like relaxation, happiness, and healthy nails. But if sporting the chicest, trendiest design possible is your top priority when it comes to your nails, then Static Nails is the way to go.


It was nearly impossible to land on just one specific design when selecting a press-on nail kit from Static Nails (we'll take one of each, please). Classic French tips, inverted French tips, trendy swirl designs, delicate floral prints, glazed donut nails, glittery accents, animal print, heart designs, chrome, matte finishes, solid-colored, and so much more — there's a nail kit sure to impress even the pickiest of nail connoisseurs.

And get this: Static Nails even has a bridal collection, complete with press-on nails, lashes, polish, and cuticle oil for special brides-to-be. The press-on nail selection on the website's "bridal suite" is full of elegant and timeless choices, with options to satisfy any aesthetic. Plus, after wearing these press-on nails, it was apparent that they weren't designed to be worn for just one special night, as the longevity they provide led us to estimate they would last beyond the honeymoon as well.


Purchase Static Nails from Ulta for $24. 

Best natural-looking nails: OPI xPress/On Short Solid Color Press-On Nails

Suppose you aren't a fan of the press-on nail aesthetic and want something a little more natural-looking and simple. In that case, ditch the other options and reach for OPI xPress/On Short Solid Press-On Nails instead. While OPI does offer long nails in funky designs, its shorter nails are a more practical choice for those who prefer a simple manicure. Not only are they sleek and timeless, with solid-color options like red, black, white, and pink, but they look so natural, almost like you grew them yourself.


The packaging was also a major 10 out of 10. Unlike the standard square box of press-on nails you typically see, the OPI xPress/On nails come in an innovative package with a convenient, easy-to-open tear-off tab. Plus, "the nails and packaging are made with 94% and 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, respectively," according to PR Newswire press release, proving that it's possible to be environmentally conscious and freshly manicured at the same time.

These nails also stood the test of time. With the proper prep work, they can last up to two weeks. However, the nails were a bit thinner than other options, which may result in breakage. But that slight thinness also makes them look undeniably realistic. If you thought it wasn't possible to rock a set of press-on nails and make them look totally natural, think again!


Purchase OPI xPress/On Short Solid Color Press-On Nails from Ulta for $12.99.

Best size selection: Olive & June Press-On nails

While we are loyal fans of the press-on nail, we aren't entirely oblivious to the fact that they can look super-duper fake. The goal of a perfectly-polished manicure is for the nails to look natural — or at least like an acrylic or gel set from the salon. And nothing makes press-on nails look like press-on nails quite like an ill-fitting set. The good news is Olive & June changed the game with their press-on nail kits. Why? Two words: size selection.


When you purchase a standard set of press-on nails, you'll likely get anywhere from 24 to 30 nails. But Olive & June upstaged its competition with a whopping 42-count of nails, with several sizes to fit every uniquely-sized nail bed. With these nails, you won't have to wonder if they will even work for you; you can purchase them with confidence, knowing you'll find the perfect size and ensuring your press-on nails look like the real thing.

Speaking of purchase: You can't beat the price. Affordability is a massive wow factor here, as the Olive & June Press-On Nails are the most budget-friendly option on this list. Given that it's also the largest kit on this list in terms of nail count, paired with its adorable designs and quality material, we don't think it can get any better. Plus, you can get these nails at your local Target while shopping for the rest of your beauty and household essentials. What more could you ask for?


Purchase Olive & June Press-On Nails from Target for $10.

Best for customizable looks: Red Carpet Manicure LED Soft Gel Tips

A lot of people love press-on nails because there's no messing with lacquers, gels, and messy polishes; you simply glue on the nails and go (and maybe add a topcoat for shine if you're feeling up to it). However, for the DIY manicurists out there who love to play with new techniques, colors, designs, and more, the Red Carpet Manicure nails are the option you should go for.


That's because these nails are clear, so the options are endless when it comes to designs. Solid color? Go for it. French tips? Great choice. Intricate designs complete with floral print and 3D textures? Be our (very talented) guest. With these clear nails, you can customize the finished look to fit any aesthetic. But what we also love is how thick and sturdy these nails are, which makes them look like a quality acrylic set that came straight from the salon.

Designed to be cured with an LED lamp, these nails are a go-to for those who prefer using gel nail glue to adhere to their nails. While employing an LED lamp is a TikTok press-on nail trend you should definitely avoid, it's safe to do if you use clear nails (so the Red Carpet Manicure nails have you totally covered). However, they can also be applied with standard nail glue if preferred, proving just how versatile press-on nails can truly be.


Purchase Red Carpet Manicure LED Soft Gel Tips from Ulta for $14.99.