See-Through Bangs Are The Breezy Fringe Trend You Need To Try For The Summer

If you've always been curious about experimenting with bangs, now is your time to shine. Interestingly, people are cutting their bangs in a way that's a little different than what you might be used to seeing. Bangs don't have to be cut perfectly in a straight line across your forehead anymore. They don't have to be super thick, full, and solid, either. In fact, see-through bangs are a breezy fringe trend this summer, and they're an updated version of the traditional blunt bangs we're used to seeing. 

See-through bangs are a popular Korean beauty hairstyle that has entered the spotlight. They are a lot easier to manage and deal with since they don't have to be completely even or perfect all the time. They're fun, playful, and casual. Plus, if you get caught in the middle of a warm summer breeze and your bangs start blowing around a bit, it's not the end of the world when your bangs are cut see-through style. Here are a few gorgeous examples of the stunning new trend sweeping hair salons everywhere.

Gray-colored see-through bangs

Gray hair isn't just reserved for the older generation anymore. At first glance from a distance, younger folks with gray hair look like they're rocking a dusty shade of blond. There's something super edgy about dying your hair a gray color and cutting some see-through bangs to complete the look. If you don't want to go all-out, consider moody gray highlights instead.


When you wear your hair half-up-half-down, you tease the appearance of a ponytail while also showing off the full length of your locks. This hairstyle ends up looking a thousand times better if you've also got see-through bangs chopped in front to add the right level of beauty and flair.

Deep red

When you think of red hair, Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid might be one of the first characters that come to mind. Dying your hair in a deep red shade is one of the trendiest and boldest moves to make, especially when it's not your natural hair color. You'll take it 10 steps further by cutting see-through bangs in front.

DIY see-through bangs

You might not feel totally inclined to head to a hairstylist or beauty salon to get see-through bangs professionally cut for you. Even so, you can pull off this look at home by handling it DIY-style. Before you try to cut your own hair, be sure to take your time with your haircutting scissors as you make the chop.

Pair your bangs with a high ponytail

High ponytails can be so much fun, adding a sense of playfulness and girliness to any look. You'll instantly make your perfect power ponytail look even more exciting if you've got see-through bangs cut in the front. The combination of a high ponytail with see-through bangs might even remind you of happy-go-lucky cheerleaders with optimistic attitudes.

Try a low ponytail

High ponytails aren't for everyone, and that's perfectly fine. If you prefer a low ponytail, you can easily pull that off with see-through bangs to match. Low ponytails are way more low-key than high ponytails since they aren't so overly exaggerated. This is a noteworthy hairstyle for a more toned-down event.

Glamorous see-through bangs

Make yourself look as glamorous as humanly possible with see-through bangs blended into smooth waves that flawlessly frame your face. When you wear your hair this way, it naturally fills you with enough confidence to walk into any room with your head held high and your shoulders thrown back in perfect posture.


Some people prefer curly hair, while others prefer straight hair. If you're the type of person who genuinely loves how you look with perfectly straightened hair, then stick-straight hair with see-through bangs in the front could be the ideal look for you to achieve that. The simplicity is absolutely dazzling.

Sultry and wispy

If you're hoping to come across as sultry as stunning celebs like Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson, going for sultry see-through bangs is definitely your best bet. These bangs should curve inward towards your face, giving you a more catlike and seductive appearance. Consider topping this hairstyle off with cat-winged eyeliner for the ultimate sultry look. 

See-through bangs on a blond bob cut

Is it really true that blond beauties have more fun? Plenty of people seem to think so. If this ideology happens to apply to you, you'll have even more fun by cutting see-through bangs into your blond bob cut. They'll provide just the right amount of girly energy.

Complete the look with a princess bun

See-through bangs with a princess bun are a total vibe. The only thing missing from this hairstyle is the sparkling tiara. Princess buns tend to be large, round, and perfectly positioned on top of your head. Princess buns don't always need to have see-through bangs added to the mix, but when they do, you're left looking like true royalty. 

Quirky chic

There's nothing wrong with having your own set of quirks— just about everyone in the world is quirky in their own way. When you pair your quirky style with see-through bangs, it shows everyone that you're totally comfortable in the skin you're in. Your creative and artsy sides will shine through with this particular hairstyle. And that red lip to top it off? Totally chic.

Bouncy see-through bangs

Depending on how naturally bouncy your hair is, see-through bangs with a bit of a bounce might be the best possible hairstyle for you. Hair whorls, otherwise known as cowlicks, cause different parts of your hair to bounce and lay differently than other parts of your hair. Work with your cowlicks when trying this hairstyle out instead of fighting against them.

Effortless and easy

Effortless see-through bangs are ideal for anyone who doesn't want to do a lot of work to look fabulous and put together each day. Pull off an effortless appearance with your see-through bangs by making sure you're not styling them too much. Tousle through them with your fingertips every once in a while to make them lay the way you want.

Angelic vibes

If you're ready to look as angelic as ever, consider getting some see-through bangs cut after lightening your hair up with some bleach-blond highlights or honey-blond streaks. The combination of pale hair colors with see-through bangs makes anyone look like an angel who's floating around with innocence, good intentions, and a gorgeous haircut.