The Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Be Quiet And Soft-Spoken

Some zodiac signs are real attention-grabbers, with reputations for being loud, outgoing, or larger than life. For instance, confident Leos are known to adore the spotlight, while chatty Geminis can't seem to resist a spirited discussion. But while these boisterous signs may sometimes overshadow the people around them, they aren't the end-all-be-all of the zodiac. Plenty of signs tend to be more soft-spoken, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

For a long time, being quiet was seen as the same thing as being shy. But there are many types of introverts — plus quiet extroverts, besides. For some people, being reserved may be linked to self-consciousness, but it may also be an indicator of tranquility, creativity, or even gentle confidence. So it's no surprise that this personality trait can be tied to a number of different zodiac signs.

While sun signs are only one part of understanding your complete astrological birth chart, some are certainly more associated with reserved personalities. Wondering which signs tend to fly below the radar? In order of their appearance in the zodiac, here are a few signs most likely to be more on the quiet, soft-spoken side.


With the bull as its symbol, you might be surprised to consider Taurus as a quiet or reserved member of the zodiac. But these earth signs are practical, domestic, and slow to anger, which can often manifest as an outward attitude that's placid and reassuring. Characterized by their patience and thorough approach to any decision, it tracks that Taurians are the type to think before they speak. They want to be sure that they're expressing their thoughts correctly and have considered an opinion from every angle.

Quintessential homebodies, people with their sun sign in Taurus are often introverts who are happy to spend time at home in their comfort zone, or relaxing with a very select group of friends. Sometimes, they may even border on socially awkward, as it takes time for Taurians to feel at ease with new people. This can translate to a quiet presence in large groups, especially if they don't know everyone at an event or party. Taurus is among the most loyal zodiac signs, but it takes time to earn that unshakable trust.

All that said, don't mistake Taurians' calm nature for weakness or fragility. Taurus is a notoriously stubborn sign, and once they've quietly made up their mind about something, it can take an unbelievable effort to convince them otherwise.


Like Taurus, Virgo is an earth sign with pragmatic values. Known for their organized, sensible mindset, Virgos ooze quiet reliability. To flashier signs, their methodical manner may seem boring and restrained, but these soft-spoken perfectionists know how to get things done efficiently and correctly. Moreover, they can do it without drawing attention to themselves.

Virgos are also exceedingly helpful and humble about their own capabilities. They'll happily offer their assistance if they think it's needed, but don't expect a lot of bragging about their skills or past achievements along the way. In the same vein, attentive Virgos often have a wealth of guidance to offer — but you'll probably have to ask for it, as they wouldn't want to step on any toes by spouting unwanted advice.

When a Virgo does have something to add to a conversation, be sure to listen closely. They'll wait for the right moment to speak up, and their words will probably be well-considered and productive. Count on your Virgo friends to be the voice of reason, whether you're trying to problem-solve a group project or figure out the logistics for your next weekend getaway.


Scorpio may seem like another surprising addition to this list. Represented by its titular scorpion, this sign is known for being vengeful, defensive, and quick to return any perceived insult. But there's a lot more to understanding Scorpio as a zodiac sign. Scorpios' intensity is only rivaled by their complexity, which can include a surprisingly soft-spoken streak.

Despite their willingness and talent for getting even with enemies, astrologer Jill Loftis ranks Scorpio as the quietest of all zodiac signs. Speaking to Yahoo! Life, Loftis suggests that "still waters run deep" is the perfect proverb to describe Scorpios, who are always watching their surroundings and collecting information. "From what you say to your body language, they are picking up all of the cross-currents and filing it away," Loftis says. And to be sure, they'll use this information against you if need be.

When you think about it, a quiet disposition fits the Scorpio dynamic perfectly. Scorpions may be deadly, but they are also subtle. Most likely, you won't even know that one is nearby unless it decides to strike. Of course, this doesn't mean that Scorpios are inherently vicious. On the contrary, these emotional water signs react so strongly because they are deeply sensitive. If you can endear yourself to a Scorpio and treat them well, you'll earn a relationship with one of the most faithful and protective signs of the zodiac.


Speaking of sensitivity, no sign is more ruled by the tides of their emotions than delicate Pisces. Creative, spiritual, and deeply emotive, Pisces are dreamers whose metaphorical feet barely touch the ground. Often, this can make them appear soft-spoken and even a bit spacey, as they may have only half their mind on the conversation and half their mind spinning away ideas for a new novel or work of art.

Pisces also earn their quiet reputation by being extremely non-confrontational. Natural empaths, Pisces are always afraid to hurt someone's feelings by expressing an opinion that may come across as judgemental or bossy. They're more inclined to go with the flow and keep their thoughts to themselves, even to their own detriment. Erring on the side of being too quiet, Pisces can easily get trampled by more outspoken signs like Gemini or Aries, and end up feeling hurt and overlooked.

However, there is also a certain strength to Pisces' reserved nature. These water signs are always trying to be considerate of those around them, which can make them incredible and supportive friends. If you have a Pisces loved one, just be sure that you're returning the favor and helping these quiet creatives thrive as they deserve.