The Slip Dress Is The Most Versatile Trend Of The Summer - And There's Endless Variety

Hugely popular in the 1990s, the slip dress has had of a resurgence in recent years. The simple dress, typically made from silk or satin, makes a huge fashion statement no matter how you wear it. The same dress can be slinky and sexy for date night, look more edgy, or be effortlessly casual. Once you find your go-to ways for how to style it, a slip dress will be your favorite piece to wear this summer.

But with pieces that are staple basics and can be styled so many ways, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out the best ways to wear them. Fortunately, slip dresses are forgiving, so you can often fall back on other favorite wardrobe items. First, grab your slip dress in a mini, midi, or maxi length, then start playing around with combinations of colors, layers, and textures. And if you need some inspiration, here's how others are styling slip dresses this summer.

Mini slip with a blazer

A mini slip dress is ideal for those hot summer days, especially for your more casual occasions. But if you want to add a little more structure to the outfit, you can pair the slip dress with a blazer. The juxtaposition between a slinky slip dress and the stiff shape of the blazer creates an effortlessly cool look. For the summer months, roll the sleeves of the blazer up to show off some skin. Add a pair of crisp white sneakers to pull the effortless outfit together.

Go with a bold pattern

Slip dresses have such a simple silhouette that you're able to play up different areas of your style. With this streamlined appearance, you can go a little more bold with the patterns and colors you choose. An eye-catching abstract print or a large-scale floral pattern will turn heads. Pair the vibrant dress with simple accessories to not overwhelm the look.

Throw a shirt over it

On those cool summer days or chilly summer nights, you don't have to give up your favorite slip dress. Grab a light sweater or a long-sleeved button-down to put over a slip dress if you need to cover some skin. You can add more shape to the top by tying and tucking the hem of the sweater in the back or tying the front of a button-down together. For a laid-back day out, add a pair of sneakers to the outfit.

Or wear a shirt under it

Another way to layer a slip dress is to wear a T-shirt underneath it. Wear this combination when you don't want to show a ton of skin or if you simply want to add another pop to an outfit. A T-shirt can add a bit of color or pattern to an outfit with a solid slip dress. A lace top that can add a bit of texture to the look. Since slip dresses are often body-hugging, you'll want to ensure the shirt you wear underneath is thin so it doesn't look bunchy underneath.

Layer with leather

There's no outfit that a leather jacket doesn't pair well with, and that includes a slip dress. Use a leather jacket to add a little bit of edge to a sleek slip dress. The fabric contrasts against each other to create a visually interesting look. Slip dresses tend to have an air of femininity and lightness, and a moto jacket can help ground it to become a chic cool girl look. Make the outfit even more interesting by looking for leather jackets with details like fringe, studs, or colored leather.

Color drenched

This summer, break out of the box of neutrals and go for a boldly colored slip dress. It still retains the chic, simple silhouette but makes it more fun, youthful, and modern. Challenge yourself to stay away from neutral for one outfit and wear a bright dress with colorful shoes like this pink dress and green heeled sandals. You can still feel sophisticated for fancy dinners and date nights, but you'll make heads turn while wearing a unique color.

Backless beauty

If you're one who likes showing a little skin in the summer, a backless slip dress will be your go-to. A backless mini slip dress is a fun and flirty option you can wear all summer long. Dress it up for dinner with friends or date night by wearing heels and flashy accessories. But it can still be a stylish look for a casual day if you pair a backless slip dress with sneakers or platform sandals.