The Household Staple Than Can Help Scrub Off The Last Bit Of That Long Wear Lip Color

While we love a good long-lasting lip color, it can be frustrating when you go to remove your makeup and the lip color refuses to budge. We have all been there: scrubbing our lips raw with a textured makeup remover wipe trying to get every last bit of the long wear lip color off. It can leave you with irritated and sore lips, while most likely also leaving behind bits of color. Plus, makeup remover wipes can actually be bad for your lips, even when you aren't rough with them. "Often, makeup wipes contain high levels of alcohol and harmful chemicals which can cause dryness and irritation and disrupt the PH balance of your skin," says owner of Savannah Rae Beauty Savannah St. Jean in an interview about makeup wipes with The Everygirl.


Luckily, there is a household staple that is not only fantastic at removing lip color, but also hydrating and completely safe for your skin. Vaseline is a great option to remove layers of long-lasting lip color and leave your lips plump and hydrated.

How to use Vaseline to remove lip color

When wearing lip color, a long wear formula is a good perk, until you go to take your makeup off. Long wear lip color can be stubborn to remove at the end of a long day, so we have uncovered the best way to go about removing this makeup item. Vaseline is a great option that you most likely already have in your home. 


To use Vaseline to remove the lip color, start by applying a small amount of the product to your lips. Leave the Vaseline on for approximately five minutes, taking it off earlier if you experience any irritation. The petroleum base of the Vaseline works to break down the lip product formula. After the five minutes is up, grab a damp rag and wipe the products off your lips. It should glide off smoothly with little pressure needed. Thanks to Vaseline's hydrating properties, you will not only be left with a bare surface but also plump and hydrated lips.

Can Vaseline be used to remove other types of makeup?

Vaseline is not only great for removing lip products, but also eye and face products as well. According to Healthline, Vaseline is a safe way to remove makeup around the eyes that also locks in moisture. This product is a great choice for removing eyeliner and mascara as it breaks down even waterproof ingredients and allows the product to slide off without all the excess pulling and tugging. While Vaseline is often coveted as the best eye and lip product remover, do not count it out for the rest of your face as well!


Vaseline is not irritating to the skin, unlike many other traditional makeup removers. Simply apply Vaseline to the skin and allow it to sit and break up the makeup before wiping it away. After wiping off the product, you should experience makeup-free, hydrated skin, unlike with the use of a makeup wipe where you will often experience dry, flaky skin.