Candlelit Brunette Is The Subtle Trend That Breathes Life Back Into Brown Hair

Blonde highlighted hair has been one of the most sought-after colors for years, especially since balayage was introduced, but it's brunettes' time to shine now with candlelit hair. Brown hair can often be misconstrued as boring but picture a warm caramel shade that looks as if it's glowing from within. Instead of going multiple shades lighter and stripping your hair of its color, the candlelit brunette look works off your natural shade, with shimmering, multi-dimensional highlights.

With this hairstyle, you don't want obvious highlights that are much lighter than your base color. Forget about money pieces. You want a natural progression from your darkest shade to highlights just one or two shades lighter. The overall effect should be a rich, luminous color with a rippling effect when the hair catches the light. The great thing about candlelit brunette hair is that it's low maintenance so if you want to skip going to the salon for touch-ups every few weeks, this style is for you.

How to get candlelit brunette hair

If your hair color is already on the dark side and you want to add a candlelit effect to your tresses, ask your colorist for babylights. You'll want a warm, caramel or honey tone, rather than cool, ashy shades. The highlights should be placed strategically throughout your hair so that it blends seamlessly with your darker shade in order to get that glistening effect.

Candlelit brunette looks great on long hair

If you want to try the candlelit brunette hair trend, it works great on shoulder-length hair or longer. The movement of your hair is what catches the light and enhances the subtle highlights. To make your hair shine even more, use a large barrel curling iron to create loose waves, which will add even more depth to your color.

Shorter-haired folks can hop on the candlelit brunette hair trend too

If you have shorter hair, you can still rock the candlelit brunette look. Ask your stylist to lighten your strands starting from the crown of your head rather than a few inches from your roots in order to get the most out of your highlights. Remember to avoid stripy highlights, as the transition from the colors should appear natural as if your hair has been sun-kissed.

Prevent your highlights from turning brassy

Candlelit brunette is all about golden, toffee hues as if your hair is being illuminated by a toasty fireplace. However, warm shades can often turn brassy if you're not using the right products. Be sure to use toning shampoo and conditioner specifically for color-treated hair to prevent your hair from turning too orange. Don't overdo it with your hairstyling tools as well — too much heat can strip your highlights of color. If you do find your hair is getting brassy, try a blue or purple shampoo.

Highlights should be wider on curly hair

The placement of highlights is a bit trickier with curly hair so be sure to go to a colorist experienced in coloring ringlets. Thin highlights can get lost on curls so they need to be wider in order to show up. Your hairstylist might try the clouding method, which is specifically used on curly hair. Instead of the color being painted on with a brush, like balayage, the colorist uses their hands to scrunch the dye into the hair in a freeform way to bring out the curls' natural movement.

Maintain the health of your candlelit brunette hair

Even though your candlelit brunette hair's highlights are subtle, you're still stripping your locks of their natural color by lightening them. As you know, bleach is tough on your hair's cuticles so maintaining that lit-from-within glow is essential. Make sure your shampoo is free of sulfates and refrain from washing your hair every day. Use a hydrating hair mask once a week to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Add extra shine to your candlelit brunette hair with a gloss treatment

You don't want to spend hours achieving your candlelit brunette hair at the salon only to have it look dull and flat the next week. Ask your hairstylist to apply a gloss treatment, which works by closing your hair's cuticles, making it shiny and silky smooth. Hair glosses, which are better for your hair than dye, can also be used to revive your color during touch-ups. They help tone down brassiness and bring out your hair's natural highlights, making them great for color-treated hair.

Candlelit brunette hair looks great at any age

While dark hair in one color can look harsh and flat, the candlelit brunette style is a beautiful, soft look for all ages. Caramel highlights add warmth to your features and have a halo-like effect when catching the sunlight. Whether you want to cover up grays or add sparkle to your dark hair, the candlelit brunette trend will have everyone wondering just how you got your hair to glow just so.