Let The French Inspire Your Warm-Weather Fashion

French girls are arguably some of the most fashion-forward individuals on earth. Constantly wow-ing us with their street style, the French have shown us they do fashion best. Traditionally, French fashion is full of layered, minimal looks that most people would consider winter fashion. However, when the heat hits, their fashion doesn't die down — instead, it gets even better.

Many of us are less likely to care how we look in the warmer months because we simply care about being comfortable over being cool. What if we tell you that French girls have mastered being both comfy and cool during the summer? It isn't that the French don't sweat or get hot, but instead, they know how to hack their clothing to be fashion-forward and breezy enough to be worn on the scorching streets of Paris. We have curated eight of the essential keys to letting the French inspire your fashion-forward, yet comfortable, summer wardrobe.

Basics are essential

Dressing up basics with accessories and breezy layers is key to the French style. French girls avoid an extravagant wardrobe and instead, go for a minimalist style made of several basic pieces. They can often create more outfits out of fewer pieces due to the interchangeable nature of neutral color basics, so less outfit repeating is possible as well.

Comfort over all for shoes

French girls aren't sweating from discomfort in the summer months. Instead, they swap out their heels for white sneakers or sandals. Sneakers and sandals are great for casual, yet put-together outfits. Instagram fashion influencer and true French girl @elisalevallois showcases how trendy white sneakers can still look put together as she styles them with a loose denim-on-denim look, a brown quiet luxury bag, and minimal gold hoops.

Natural fabrics reign

Natural fabrics not only have a minimal look that goes perfectly with the French girl aesthetic, but they also "tend to be more breathable than man-made," Todd Snyder's chief product officer Alejandro Rhett told Gear Patrol. Fabrics made of natural fibers, such as linen, cotton, and hemp, tend to be more porous allowing air to seep through.

Loose and breezy silhouettes

It is still possible to layer, wear long sleeves, and stay cool in the warmer months if you choose loose and breezy silhouettes. A favorite of the French girl is the loose, long sleeve button-up. The fabric is thin in itself, but when worn oversized, leaves plenty of room for air to seep in and keep you cool.

Keep it neutral

While neutral color fabrics won't necessarily keep you cooler, they are a great way to ensure that you can easily create new looks from existing pieces. Europe is notorious for having small closets, leaving many of its residents to create capsule wardrobes with plenty of neutral, interchangeable pieces. Yet, France also has some of the most stylish residents, showing that you don't need many pieces to have great style.

Long skirts are always a good idea

Long skirts, whether midi or maxi, are a great way to get a more elegant look while still staying cool. These skirts are breezy but less likely to blow up or accidentally become too revealing, as can often happen with a miniskirt, making them an easy piece to wear on the streets. They also pair well with sneakers or sandals, so no uncomfortable shoes are necessary.

Minimal gold jewelry

The last thing you want to deal with when it is scorching outside is layers of jewelry. Instead of piling on the jewels, the French keep their summer jewelry minimal. Some even go with no jewelry at all. If you are not ready to give up all your jewelry for summer, try sleek gold hoops and one gold pendant necklace.

Sunnies and raffia bags for accessorizing

To top off your effortless French girl look, accessorize with sunglasses and a raffia handbag. Sunglasses are necessary for sunny summer days, and a good handbag is as well. Raffia screams warm weather and is a lightweight and breezy option for a summer handbag. Instagram influencer @gabrielagriffith showcases how an entire French girl outfit is properly created, topping it off with black sunnies and a large raffia tote bag.