The False Bangs TikTok Hack That Lets You Test Drive Them Before Committing

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Are you thinking about trying bangs? Many people love this hairstyle, but it's a big decision that will take a long time to grow out if you regret it. That's where TikTok creator Ayse Acun comes in to save the day. She posted a video to her account demonstrating how to pin the front of your hair to mimic bangs. Then if you end up liking how it looks, you'll be more confident in your decision to commit.


Just like any other hairstyle, there are different ways to cut bangs for each face shape. Of course, you can always do whatever you like best; these are just recommendations to highlight your features and create symmetry that you can play with while doing this trick. 

If you have a long-shaped face that you want to appear shorter, you should get heavy bangs that are cut bluntly across (via Derm Store). Meanwhile, people with a heart shape should opt for long wispy bangs. Round-shaped faces look good with side-swept bags that reach about mid-cheek, and square-shaped ones need a long, full cut. Once you've decided what kind of bangs you'd like, this TikTok hack lets you try them out without committing to them.


Clip your hair and put on a headband

Before starting this hack, you'll need to gather some supplies. You need small elastics, bobby pins, a comb, and a hair accessory. In her TikTok video, Acun uses a headband to cover where she places the pins. Start by sectioning out your bangs with your comb. You want to create a triangle with the tip being the highest point of your head and the sides coming down to the corners of your hairline. Once you have straight parts, pull this section into a loose ponytail with an elastic. It's essential that you don't pull it tight so you can do the next step.


Now you're going to create the actual bangs. Take the part of your hair closer to your scalp and divide it evenly into two parts. Then pull the end of your ponytail behind and under the elastic so it loops through the section you made. This is the time to adjust how long you want your bangs to be. When you have them the way you like, use the bobby pins on top of your head to hold the hair in place. Then style your bangs. You can leave them natural, straighten them down, give them some curl, or use a blow dryer and round brush to give them volume. To finish the look, add a headband or the accessory of your choice.

How to cut your bangs at home

If you have the right tools and knowledge, cutting your bangs at home doesn't always end with a crooked fringe. Styling shears are your best option since they're meant for hair cutting. You'll also need a comb and some clips or hair ties. Cutting dry strands will help prevent you from accidentally ending up with short bangs since hair is longer when wet. If you have a naturally straight mane, you can also blow dry it down so it's easier to cut. You don't want to do this on curly hair because it'll shrink when it isn't styled straight.


Using your comb, section out your bangs in a triangle as you did for the hack. Most people hold their shears horizontally when cutting their hair at home. However, this makes it easier to make mistakes and end up with crooked blunt bangs. Instead, you should hold your shears vertically so you're trimming with the tip, per Oprah Daily. It's best to always cut less than you think because you can go back in and remove more, but you can't add hair back. Your first cut will be the biggest. Aim to keep the hair below your eyes. Then continue point-cutting your bangs until they're to your liking. Make sure to routinely step away from the mirror to look at the whole picture before trimming more off.