Your Guide To Picking Up A Dropped Conversation On A First Date

First dates can be super great or super awkward — there really is no in-between. On the other hand, sometimes, a great first date can easily turn into an awkward one, all because of a lull in the conversation. At the beginning of the date, there's that moment when you first greet each other and engage in small talk, such as the weather, traffic, and how you've never been to that bar or restaurant before. Once you've covered the initial bases, the conversation drops, and you're both staring at each other, hoping the other person says something to ease the awkwardness. It can be tricky to think of a conversation topic right away. 


On top of the pressure to keep the conversation going, there's the added stress of making yourself seem interesting. Plus, you want to make sure you get a good reading on the other person as well. So, what do you do? Well, there are a few ways to pick up the conversation and keep the ball rolling. Not only will these icebreakers relieve the uncomfortable tension, but they'll also give you some insight into the kind of person your date really is.

Refer to your text or DM conversations

One of the easiest ways to pick up the conversation is by referring to things you've talked about in your texts. If they mentioned their favorite movie is one you absolutely can't stand, ask them what they love about it (plus, this gives you a chance to tease them a little). Remember, always ask open-ended questions so your date can elaborate. Choosing closed-ended questions quickly shuts down the conversation, and you end up back at square one. If they ask you questions about your interests or hobbies, be sure to go into detail; don't just give them a one-word response.


When in doubt, be honest with the person about how you're feeling. If the date seems awkward and you can't think of something to say, you can always make a joke out of it. Try something like, "Believe it or not, I'm actually quite charming... at least that's what my mom says." Chances are your date is just as nervous as you are, and making a joke can really ease the tension and make them feel more at ease.

Suggest the two of you play a game

If you're stumped on a new conversation topic, suggest the two of you play a game, like Would You Rather. It's great to play after you've each had a couple of drinks and feel a bit more comfortable (of course, you can play this on any date, not just ones that involve alcohol). Games like Would You Rather and Never Have I Ever help you get to know more about each other. Plus, you can ask them to explain their answers, which moves the conversation forward.


People-watching is always fun too. The idea is to come up with storylines for the people around you. For example, you decide the couple at another table were high school sweethearts who just reconnected after years without seeing each other. Now, it's your date's turn to finish the story. If they aren't interested in playing, they may not be right for you. That isn't to say they're a bad person; they just don't possess the qualities you're looking for in a partner, like being creative and quick on their feet.