Get Ready Now For The 7 Handbag Trends That Will Be Unavoidable This Fall

The seasons may come and go, but handbags are forever. You may quote us on that. That being said, the seasons have an undeniable effect on style trends, and handbags are no exception. In fact, handbag trends have the power to determine the appeal of any outfit. The wrong color bag can be a mismatched disaster, and a summer texture can be detrimental to an otherwise winning wintery look. Handbags can ultimately make or break an outfit.

So while a good handbag is certainly built to last and be loved for years to come, it is always good to keep an eye out for the trends of the season. That way, you can pull out the bags that'll look good with all of your seasonally appropriate ensembles and give your other bag babies a rest. And if you don't yet own a purse that'll elevate your look this fall, well — a little shopping never hurt anybody.

Pop of cherry red

That's right, red is the color of this coming fall season. And we all know red is best savored in small amounts — a pop of cherry red here, a burgundy detail there. And what better way to incorporate a fun splash of red than to wear a ruby red purse? So next time you throw on a chic ensemble in your favorite neutral shades or matching monochrome hues, consider accessorizing with a red handbag for that it-girl factor. 

Can you handle it?

Another element you'll be seeing everywhere is handbags with handles. Because sure, straps are nice, but sometimes a handle can make all the difference between a cute bag and a cool bag. To be the cool girl anywhere you go, grasp the handle of your handbag and walk with confidence. Trust us, you'll be the trendsetter this season.

Clutch it

No, clutches aren't only for fancy dresses and awkward stances at formal events. Not this fall. Clutches check all the boxes for a fall 'fit — compact, cute, and stays in place, clutched under your arm as you shiver with crossed arms (kidding! sort of). Opt for a clutch to easily match the vibe of your cozy outfit, complete with a seasonally chunky sweater.

Rock the croc

The time has come to pull the faux croc leather bags out of the back of our closets. Croc is not going anywhere this fall — the epitome of cool is back. But what's so cool about them? Their versatility. Dress them up or down by wearing them with jeans and a dressy top, or sweatpants and a statement coat. Heels, sneakers, boots — the croc always matches the vibe. Pair your own croc purse with a matching pleather jacket, and you're good to go.

Tote it all

Let's make one thing clear: totes are always in. That being said, totes will reign this fall. Whether you opt for fashionable leather, classy fabrics, or sustainable cotton canvas, a tote is always the elevated, it-girl choice. So tote it all — and we mean all — next season. Because baguette bags are great until you need to take more than your credit card, ID, lipgloss, and phone with you. Then you're in trouble. Good thing totes exist!

Furry frills

Furry handbags are set to be trending big-time this fall. It'll be like taking your pet everywhere you go, really. Think old-timey cow-hide rugs, Cruella de Vil's coat, old movie actress' mink scarves. You get the idea. If you're looking for the villain look, or simply to add a new and fun texture to an otherwise simple outfit, hairy bags are the way to go.

Teddy Texture

Speaking of textures, teddy textures take the throne this fall. The fluffier, the fuzzier, and the more you want to curl up in bed and cuddle it like a stuffed animal, the better. There's nothing like the comfort of a cozy 'fit in the midst of the fall season. Next time you throw on your coziest look, consider incorporating a fluffy bag for an extra element of warmth.