Why Sea Glass Jewelry Should Be A Staple Of Your Summer

Sea glass jewelry is proof that one person's trash is someone else's treasure. You may have encountered colorful and collectible sea glass on the beach in your pursuit of finding shells. It comes from discarded, broken pieces of glass bottles or jars that ended up in the ocean one way or another (we're looking at you, litter bugs). Overtime, as the glass tumbles in the ocean, it's smoothened out and the sharp edges are rounded out. It almost looks like a gemstone or colorful pebble, and each piece has a unique shape and size, making it stunningly suitable as a piece of jewelry.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings — you name it — sea glass can do it all. If you live near or vacation at the beach, you can even make your own sea glass jewelry at home. All you need is a few pieces of sea glass and a trip to the craft store. With summer coming in just a couple of months, it'll be time to embrace mermaidcore before you know it. Sea glass jewelry is the perfect accessory to the beachy looks you have on deck for this summer.

Style and sustainability

If you're a fan of upcycling, sea glass jewelry might be the match for you. A discarded shard of a bottle can easily become your new favorite necklace. When you wear jewelry made of sea glass, you're taking something that could've sat in a landfill, and you're allowing it to be beautiful. 

Shell necklaces are out, sea glass is in

While shell necklaces give off a classic beachy vibe, why not try something different this summer? Sea glass comes in various earthy tones, creating elegant pendants to wear to a summer wedding or celebration. It's like carrying a piece of the ocean around your neck. 

Rings that remind you of the sea

Sea glass is incredibly versatile and can be shaped into a center stone for a ring or fastened to the band with wire. Sure, diamonds are pretty, but you can't deny the beauty and, not to mention affordability, of sea glass. These certainly deserve to be added to your ring collection.

Beachy earrings

Whether you prefer stud earrings or you like to let them dangle, sea glass earrings will complete any summer look. They offer an organic asymmetry, as each stone has a unique shape. These are another hit for the DIY-ers out there, as you can easily design your own at home.

Wear sea glass on your wrists

As the warm weather comes in, it's time for short sleeves and to show off your unique sea glass bracelets. Sea glass can be a gorgeous centerpiece to a latch hook bracelet, as shown above. Depending on your style, sea glass can even be fastened on like a charm bracelet or beaded design. 

Sea glass and small business

With just a quick search on Instagram or Etsy, you can find dozens of shops selling sea glass jewelry, with the goal of creating sustainable pieces that bring the ocean to you. Lita Sea Glass Jewelry, for instance, specializes in sea glass engagement rings and sources their glass from the beaches of Massachusetts. Dina Sea Glass Jewelry, based in Barcelona, Spain, sells her beautiful sea glass jewelry on Etsy. You can support businesses like these, all while looking amazing in your new jewelry.