Targeted Action: How Butt Masks Can Treat The Most Common Skin Issues (& What To Look For)

Although a hot topic in pop songs and rap songs, butts are often overlooked in the skincare industry. There really aren't many products marketed for it and the ratio of face masks to butt masks is off as well. But our butts develop acne and other skin issues just as easily as our faces, and if you're a true skincare veteran, butt skincare should definitely be one of your priorities.


From butt acne to those stubborn stretch marks, there's a world of skincare treatments to suit your condition. There are a lot of skin issues out there, and it's oftentimes difficult to distinguish what condition you may have. By extension, deciding what kind of mask or cream to buy and developing the perfect treatment can be frightening and overwhelming. 

Don't worry — we are here to help you. Let's get your butt situation sorted with all the right masks and creams because a smooth, soft bottom is everyone's dream.

Why butt masks?

So, why butt masks? They do seem a bit excessive — you greet people with your face and not your butt — so while face masks might seem sensible, butt masks might just not be convincing enough. But, sitting on your butt all day and all the extra friction it receives from your jeans and other clothing, makes it prone to many skin issues. To that end, if you want to make sure your butt skin is as smooth as it was when you were a baby, make sure to add a butt mask to your skincare routine.


Just like a face mask that solves skin issues on your face and helps you secure that smooth and glowing skin, a butt mask does the same to your butt and provides your rear the exfoliation and moisturization it needs. So depending on your skin type and the skin issues you face, wisely select your butt mask.

If you are confused as to how to recognize your butt's skin type, do not fret — it is only a matter of matching your face's skin type. If you have sensitive, dry, or oily skin on your face you probably will have the same type of skin on your butt.

Butt acne, the common enemy

Butt acne is an absolute stinker. Our butts often become the victim of this common skin issue because of the long hours we spend on our behinds, suppressing our pores. This condition, known as Folliculitis, can also occur due to excessive waxing or shaving.


Though it is a very common skin issue, the treatment method should be specific to your skin type and skin requirements. Here are a few things you can do to combat butt acne.

Wear loose clothing. Acne is often caused when your skin is irritated due to constant friction and rubbing. To avoid this, wear comfortable, loose-fitted outfits. It is best if your clothes have good ventilation to allow those pores on your butt to breathe.

Always take showers immediately after a sweat-inducing activity. Sweat creates a conducive environment for bacteria to grow, so it's important to wash off after an intense workout.

To help reduce the appearance and to subdue your butt acne, apply a warm compress to the affected area. Doing so will help with the irritation while helping with the pus and the whiteheads.


For a smooth butt free of acne, we recommend going that extra mile and buying a product with benzoyl peroxide. The product can be in the form of a cream, gel, or even a mask. A butt mask with benzoyl peroxide is always the easy way out of a butt acne situation.

Looking out for eczema

Sometimes you just can't escape those irritating genes — if you have eczema, it could either be due to your genes or dry skin. Don't worry if you got the short end of the stick when it comes to genes, however, as the beauty industry has a solution to everything.


If you have atopic eczema in your butt region, we recommend using a moisturizing mask. Remember that eczema is caused by dry skin, so your best bet is to always keep your skin moisturized. When picking a moisturizing butt mask make sure it has at least one of the following ingredients: oat, aloe, glycerin, humectants, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, vitamin E, or niacinamide.

However, if your eczema has reached extreme levels and shows splitting and cracking along with itchiness, a moisturizing mask will not be sufficient. If this is the case, we recommend going to a dermatologist for treatment.

Cellulite and stretch marks, the less curables

Sadly, butt masks can't work miracles, so if you are looking for a mask or cream for your butt that can completely rid it of cellulite and stretch marks, think again.

Stretch marks can happen due to several reasons. It could be due to pregnancy, losing or gaining weight rapidly, or just from your body stretching and growing. We think it's safe to say that stretch marks are pretty common. It is impossible to "cure" stretch marks, but we can reduce their appearance. It is important to note that hydrated skin helps avoid stretch marks while dehydrated skin can serve as a root cause, so remember to keep your butts moisturized to avoid them. If the stretch marks are already there, we recommend using retinol, which helps lighten the shade of the stretch mark so that its appearance is less obvious. Vitamin C can also make a difference in the appearance of cellulite by giving your butt a smoother, firmer, and more glowing look.


What to do (and what not to do) with your routine

The same general rules apply to butt skincare as they do to skincare elsewhere on your body. One thing that is different, however, is the post-application waiting period. For starters, you cannot sit down and wait for all the mask's goodness to be absorbed into your butt — you'll have to lie flat on your belly instead, and you might need to clear your schedule. 


Butt masks also have certain active ingredients that might cause skin irritations or adverse reactions. Because of this, it is an absolute must to know and identify which ingredients are better suited for your skin. Furthermore, if you experience allergic reactions or other concerning symptoms like itching and redness, discontinue product usage. If the symptoms continue after discontinuation, seek medical care.

If you want your butt to smoothen and become soft, remember to follow through with your skincare routine at least every three days. Be mindful of exfoliating your skin every day as this might dry out your skin, especially if your butt scrubs contain retinol and benzoyl peroxide.

Now that you know your way around all your butt's problems and how to best treat them, a plumper and smoother behind awaits you.