The TikTok Hack That May Finally Be The Key To Save You From Windblown Bangs

Like the rest of society, we're obsessed with bangs in 2023. From classic blunt bangs to versatile peekaboo bangs to chic French-girl-inspired bangs, there's a fringe style for everyone. If you're looking to do something different without changing your hair color or length, bangs can be the perfect solution without doing anything too drastic or unconventional. And selecting a flattering bang option for your face shape can enhance your features for a glamorous look.


However, bangs aren't all fun and flattery. Unless you're growing them out, maintenance can get frustrating, as you'll consistently have to trim them, and some people feel the need to style them daily to ensure they look neat and polished. In turn, you can see how anybody with bangs may not be a fan of strong winds. After all, there's nothing more annoying than styling your bangs in the morning, only for them to get all messed up by the wind as you walk from the train station to work. But luckily, TikTok has a hack that can prevent the wind from destroying your beautiful bangs, which, oddly enough, involves eyelash glue.

Use eyelash glue to keep your bangs in place

TikTok is always offering unpredictable yet helpful beauty hacks, and this one showed us how we could use eyelash glue for more than just applying false lashes. TikToker @selenadeflor initially credited the inspiration for the idea to a video by Juju Crossing. Crossing applied some type of face glue to her forehead, keeping her bangs in place as she shook her head. On the other hand, Selenadeflor showed herself using the same technique but with eyelash glue. It successfully kept her bangs in place.


In turn, viewers were excited about this hack, as the post currently has over 200,000 likes. Some skeptical watchers did seem unsure about the idea, telling Selenadeflor to "test [it] on a windy day" and "looks good but pretty sure it would be a sensory nightmare for me." However, many other people liked the idea, saying, "I swear this is how artists get their bangs to stay during dances [and] stuff," and "I'm gonna do this when I have to ride a roller coaster."

Be aware of the uncomfortable side effects

Most people on TikTok seem to love the eyelash glue tip. But like most beauty advice, it won't work for everyone for certain reasons, like allergies. Therefore, be sure you're not allergic to eyelash glue before putting it on your face. After all, formaldehyde is frequently used in eyelash glue, and sometimes individuals experience unpleasant allergic reactions to this ingredient, according to Howerton EyeClinic. However, even if you're not allergic, eyelash glue can still irritate your skin (via Poison Control). 


Moreover, it's crucial to get the lash glue off your skin before you go to bed to avoid additional irritation. To get the glue off your skin, get a hold of a makeup remover and a cotton pad. Once the pad is soaked with makeup remover, place it on your forehead for a minimum of 30 seconds. "You really want to allow the remover to break down the adhesive," Kasey Spickard, a celebrity makeup artist, told After the 30 seconds are up, try gently wiping away any excess glue you find on your skin. So, while you might want to rely on eyelash glue to keep your bangs in place on the most brutally windy days, you may not want to do it all the time.