'Exalted Planets' In Your Birth Chart Amplify Your Signs' Strongest Traits

You've gathered your birth information and gotten a copy of your natal or birth chart. You've studied your planetary placements and their decans, read up on your stellium, and gained insights on the past and future from your north and south lunar nodes. So now what? Natal chart interpretation is a lifelong pursuit; you'll never run out of wisdom to gain from your own chart. Every time you think you've covered all your bases, you'll discover an astrological concept that's brand new to you.


One natal astrology concept that is on the lesser-known side of the practice is that of exalted planets: Each of the seven classical planets is exalted in one zodiac sign. Similar to when a planet is in its sign of rulership, an exalted planet is one that is in a position favorable to enhance and showcase its most positive, admirable qualities. While a planet influences you no matter where it is in your chart, it can more easily express its influences — thereby also strengthening the influence of that sign in your chart — when it's in exaltation.

To find out whether you benefit from any exalted planets, you'll need to check your chart for the exact degree of each placement — and then refer to the following reference list to see if it's exalted.


Sun in Aries

If your sun sign is Aries and your sun placement is at or before 10°, you are a recipient of exalted sun energy. This means that the positive traits ruled by the sun, like ambition, strength, and willpower, are even more amplified than they would be even if your sun sign were elsewhere in Aries. You are a force to be reckoned with and tend to make snap decisions and move with the speed of a cheetah. Just keep in mind that even positive traits can be taken over the top.


Access to the sun's full, unadulterated energy and ambition is a meaningful advantage in life. However, be aware of the fact that in true Aries fashion, you may have a tendency to go too hard and burn yourself out with this placement. Take advantage of what your exalted sun has to offer, but don't forget to create your own system of checks and balances to prevent solar burnout. Even you have your limitations.

Moon in Taurus

The moon is exalted in Taurus from 0-3°. If your moon — which rules emotion — is in Taurus and falls within this degree range, you encompass the ideal emotional temperament. A person with an exalted moon in Taurus is likely to display a calm, balanced, stable demeanor — the kind of dependability for which Taureans are known. They come off as wise and reserved to others and have the uncanny ability to process difficult information without being overcome by displays of emotion.


The ability to keep a calm and controlled composure doesn't mean that exalted moon in Taurus natives aren't processing their emotions. On the contrary, it means that they have access to the moon's full receptive, nourishing, intuitive healing powers. This helps them to go through the process of feeling, acknowledging, and processing their emotions — especially when those emotions are difficult or painful — faster and more smoothly than other placements can. If your moon is exalted in Taurus, you have the potential to be as emotionally intelligent as a person can be.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter, the planetary ruler of success, generosity, and persuasion, is exalted in Cancer from 0-5°. If your natal chart includes exalted Jupiter in Cancer, you are likely calculating and convincing, but in a positive way. Rather than using your persuasive skills to manipulate others and benefit yourself, you might truly enjoy convincing others to make the kinds of changes that will improve their lives long term. The exaltation of Jupiter means that you likely use your powers for good, just like you'd expect of a nurturing, compassionate Cancer.


Dignity, education, and intelligence also come along with an enhanced Jupiter placement, which pairs well with your powers of persuasion. Your intellect, dignified demeanor, and knowledge make it easy for people to trust that your advice is sound and your intentions are noble. Just be careful to check in with yourself often and make sure that your perceptions and intentions are remaining pure — power can sometimes lead even the best people astray.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury is exalted in Virgo from 0-15°. In a natal chart, Mercury is the planet that governs communication, creative wit, memory, and travel. When Mercury is exalted, a person is likely to exhibit a high level of humor that effortlessly attracts others to their presence. Possessing the epitomizing traits of quick-thinking Virgo, they remember facts, jokes, and concepts with ease and never forget a face. If you were named class clown in your high school yearbook or have seen every comedy special Netflix has to offer, you might have an exalted Mercury in Virgo.


Stand-up comedy and comedic acting are actually excellent career choices for people with exalted Mercury in their birth charts. These individuals have a deep love for humor that collides perfectly with a desire to travel the world. Going on tour or shooting on location on a regular basis would fit into their idea of an absolutely ideal lifestyle. Just don't forget where you came from when you make it big!

Venus in Pisces

Venus, the famous planet of love and beauty, is exalted in Pisces from 0-27°. If you spot this placement in your natal chart, love is at the center of your very being. Contrary to popular belief, love can and does exist outside of the realm of romance. You likely feel a deep sense of love, care, and concern for your family members, your friends, your pets, your home or garden, and your life partner, if you decide to have one.


The meshing of Venus' influence with the sensitive, creative Piscean energy means that exalted Venus in Pisces individuals have a profound appreciation for beauty. This isn't limited to conventional attractiveness or societal standards. These people notice and admire beauty wherever it may try to hide — wildflowers, insects, driftwood. You could place a supermodel and a donkey in front of these unique souls, and they would find just as much beauty in one as in the other. It's finding beauty in themselves that may pose a bit of a challenge at times.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn is exalted in Libra from 0-20°. Since this planet rules dedication, organization, perseverance, and reliability, it is strongly associated with a person's work ethic. Someone with an exalted Saturn in Libra tends to be a very virtuous person with an impressive level of discipline and self-control. They have no problem working hard now for a reward that they won't reap until months or even years down the road — practicing delayed gratification is a walk in the park for these people.


If you find exalted Saturn in Libra in your chart, you're likely admired for your hard work and reliability, and you might pride yourself on this fact. While feeling proud of your dedication to your work is wonderful, be careful not to place all your value on it. If you do, you could end up creating a pattern of seeking validation outside of yourself in the context of work and overworking to the point of burnout.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars is the planet of action, courage, and determined energy. It is exalted in Capricorn from 0-28°. Like exalted Saturn in Libra natives, those with exalted Mars in Capricorn in their natal charts are all about dedication, thanks to that Capricornian work ethic. However, instead of the slow and steady dedication of Saturn, Mars approaches the concept with much more passion and vigor. While an exalted Saturn in Libra native might work a double shift out of a sense of obligation and their dedication to reliability, an exalted Mars in Capricorn native does so out of sheer drive — they might not even realize the time is passing.


If this fiery planet is exalted in your chart, you don't need to be told to follow your passion — nothing and no one could stop you from doing so. You may want to consider, however, reeling it in just a bit around those with more sensitive placements to make sure your powerful presence isn't sucking the air out of the room without you even realizing it.