A Glaring Red Flag That You Aren't Happy In Your Own Life

Life can be challenging, and you might find yourself dealing with hardships that you never thought you would, making you unhappy. Everyone has a different viewpoint of what will make them happy. Most folks strive to have everything they want: success, money, or materialistic things. However, if you find yourself feeling angry over other people's joy or how other people live their lives, or you compare yourself to others even after achieving your goals, you aren't content. 

TikTok user @daddysnorlaxx made a video discussing these red flags, in which she states, "It's such a defense mechanism. If you can judge other people and make assessments of their life choices, it can basically distract you from your own, and that's a comfy place to be." They're warning signs that you should look for and devote the time to work on.

Healing can take a long time, depending on your situation and journey. It can be difficult to take the step to work through specific problems, but if you continue to distract yourself from your life by focusing on what other people are doing, you get in the way of being truly happy. That is just one of the red flags that mean you aren't satisfied in your life.

You feel like you're not good enough

When you're judging other people's lives or comparing yourself to others, you begin thinking about them all the time instead of how you can change your life. While you don't want to live the same life as others, making small changes that will significantly impact your existence is vital. 

For example, if someone you follow on the internet lives a materialistic life you've always dreamed of, you could try to make a plan to save up for something you've always wanted but never thought you could have, whether it's a car, a designer purse, or expensive makeup products. Unfortunately, if you feel you can't have nice things because you can't afford them or don't deserve them, you get stuck in that mentality and deprive yourself of those small happy moments.

A key sign to also be aware of is if you think you're not good enough to have certain things or be friends with certain people. It makes you settle for less than you truly deserve and can make you unhappy. Or you try fitting in and making other people happy so that they accept you, which never works out in your favor. There are ways to curb your people-pleasing tendencies and take care of yourself. Instead of trying to change yourself for others to accept you, be true to yourself and watch how you'll meet the right people. Any self-sabotaging can prevent you from feeling whole and content.

How to tell if you've healed

Working through the red flags we mentioned can take a long time for you to feel satisfied. Sometimes you need to step back and have some time for yourself. Get to know yourself by trying out new things. You might discover some hidden talents, which could make you consider finding a different job. Creating small changes allows you to realize what you've been missing. For example, moving to a different location can start something new for you; changing scenery can uplift your mood. Plus, taking a social media break can be a good idea; it can help clear your mind. The more attention you give your needs, the less you'll worry about what others are doing. Sometimes, it takes being alone to figure out what kind of life you want and with what type of people.

On the other hand, doing internal work alone can be tricky if you don't know where to start. Therapy is always beneficial to help guide you through rough patches and learn new ways to heal. Once you've healed, you'll feel free from the person you were before. In addition, you won't harshly judge others or feel the need to make comparisons. You'll observe what people do without fixating on them because you'll be too busy enjoying what you have and will be doing.