Astrology Zone's Susan Miller Clarifies Which Zodiac Sign Is The Most Misunderstood - Exclusive

For those who value astrology, learning someone's big three — their sun, moon, and rising signs — may give them plenty of information to judge how a friendship or partnership would go with that individual. But even if you're a more casual horoscope reader, learning about the 12 zodiac signs can be an entertaining way to look at things; after all, zodiac signs are a fun and useful way to understand the people around you as well as yourself.


For Susan Miller, astrology is a way of understanding and predicting the world around us. She has worked as a professional astrologer for decades, writing best-selling books and making yearly calendars on the subject. She's also the founder of, where you can go for comprehensive monthly horoscopes. During an exclusive interview with Glam, Miller opened up about her thoughts on the 12 zodiac signs and her predictions for the coming years. While sharing, she revealed why she thinks Virgos are the most misunderstood of the signs.

Why this sign may surprise you

There are misconceptions to go around about zodiac signs — for example, Taurus is often deemed lazy, while Gemini might be unfairly branded as untrustworthy. However, for Susan Miller, Virgo stands out as the most misunderstood. When we think of Virgos, we often imagine them as studious and meticulous. While this is all true of the earth sign, there's also a lot more to Virgos, according to Miller. She explained that with the way Virgos are written and talked about, they often seem like they're "librarians" or people who only care for facts and studies. While Virgos are quite vigilant (and there's nothing wrong with librarians), there's also more to them than that.


Miller described the other layers of Virgos, saying, "[Virgos are] very sexy ... They're very sexy to the men they love, they're very faithful, and they make amazing marriages because of that." Sexy isn't the first adjective that might come to mind when you think of this star sign, but that's likely because Virgos are not likely to publicize that aspect of their life. "They keep their private life private," Miller explained, so it makes sense that this isn't something everyone would know about Virgos.

Why Virgos and Geminis struggle to understand each other

Along with naming them as the most misunderstood sign, Susan Miller said that Virgos struggle to understand other star signs, particularly Gemini. The signs are similar in that they both try to gather as much information as possible. However, Miller explained that they differ in how they use that information. "Gemini loves all information, and they love to be able to tell it to you first. 'You heard it here first.'"


But for Virgos, the way that Gemini hurries to disseminate the information is too rushed. Miller described a Virgo's thought process in response to Geminis, saying, "You're all over the place. You're writing everything down ... But what good is it if you're not using the information?" This strong difference between the two makes sense when you consider that Virgo is an earth sign, so they value practicality and are more concerned with how to use the information they learn than in sharing it at the speed that air sign Geminis do.

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