Astrology Zone's Susan Miller Offers Supreme Zodiac Sign Superlatives - Exclusive

If you follow your horoscope, you likely already know a fair amount about your "big three" astrological signs — your sun, moon, and rising sign. Even if you're an astrology novice, you probably know at least a little about your sun sign. But have you ever wondered what career your zodiac sign is most suited for, or perhaps if it gives you any special insight, skills, or tendencies? There could be a lot more explanations for the way we act than you even realize, according to expert astrologer Susan Miller.


Miller is a well-respected astrologer with decades of experience and 14 bestselling books on the subject. It's fair to say she knows a lot more about the zodiacs and their significance than most of us. Fortunately, she's not stingy with her knowledge and does her best to share it through her books, calendars, and horoscopes. Susan Miller sat down for an exclusive interview to share even more of her knowledge. During our discussion, she got into her thoughts on the zodiac signs and gave out some surprising superlatives for each one. Read on to find out what your sign may reveal about you.

What your sign might tell you about your beauty and fashion sense

Looking into your horoscope can offer insights to understand yourself better, but it can also just be fun. Getting into the zodiac superlatives with Susan Miller, we started off with some lighthearted questions about beauty and fashion to get her expert take. If you think of yourself as a trendsetter, then you're likely to be one of three signs. Miller said that Pisces are the best at mixing fashion trends of "high, low, and vintage with modern." Leos' fashion sense also stands out since they're the most likely to save up for high-quality and beautiful items. Libra also made the list of zodiac fashionistas, though speaking of Libras, they also got Miller's vote for the flirtiest zodiac sign.


When it comes to beauty, there are a couple of signs whose skincare routines you can trust above any others. The first is Virgo. Their attention to detail ensures they'll keep things tidy, and Miller named them as the most likely to clean their makeup brushes thoroughly. If you're looking for tips on organic beauty products, go to your Virgo friends, as they're always careful whatever they're putting on their bodies is good for them. And if you're in the mood for self-care, Taurus is the sign most likely to splurge on a spa day.

What signs say about your career

Zodiac signs can also offer insight into what careers are best suited for you. So if you're struggling to find your path in life or looking to change fields, you may want to reference your zodiac sign for some insight. According to Susan Miller, Capricorns will find a lot of success in the corporate world. She explained that they're likely "to make it to the top of a behemoth international company." However, they aren't the only sign likely to succeed in business. Aries have the fighting spirit to start their own company, though they'll also excel in the military. And Scorpios' attention to detail makes them an ideal detective. "You can never lie to a Scorpio," Miller warned.


Other signs may feel more drawn to creative endeavors. Miller named Pisces and Leo as two signs likely to make a career out of acting, though Pisces also shine in music because they're ruled by Neptune, who created the lyre. If you're more of a free spirit, drawn to travel, then you likely have Sagittarius in your chart. Miller said, "The one sign that's probably going to visit the world is Sagittarius. They will see more countries than the rest of us because they make it such a priority."

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