Are Lash Lifts Or Extensions Better For You? Here's How To Decide

Mascara isn't the only way to take your lashes to the next level. While it can be great for creating elongation, it's not a permanent solution for many of your lash concerns. For those of us with shorter, stubborn lashes, getting a magnificent curl out of them can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. While some rely on heated eyelash curlers, they require practice and caution.


Thankfully, plenty of lash treatments and procedures exist out there to help give you the right amount of curl, length, and volume. Lash lifts and extensions are two of the most popular services — one treatment is best suited for lengthening lashes, while the other gives you the best curl possible. Knowing the biggest differences between lash lifts and extensions can help simplify your makeup routine since you won't have to spend time searching for the best mascaras on the market and fussing with lash curlers.

How to decide between lash lifts and extensions

If you're tired of constantly reaching for false eyelashes, extensions can give you the look of a fuller lash for longer. When you get extensions, a semi-permanent glue is used to hold synthetic lashes along your lash line. While the process may take some time to complete, it can last up to eight weeks with proper care and maintenance. Even better, you don't need to wear mascara, as extensions will automatically give you fuller, darker lashes. They are ideal for anyone who desires a dramatic appearance and can handle the feeling of synthetic lashes.


Lash lifts, on the other hand, give off a more natural look. An aesthetician uses a small curling tool to curl your lashes at the root. This treatment can also include a tint and lasts for four to six weeks without the need for touch-ups. Your aesthetician can and should work with you to determine the best curl and shape that suits you. Like extensions, you will not need to apply mascara. Lifts are perfect if you have straight lashes that are difficult to curl and need an extra boost.

What to know about lash lifts vs. extensions

Although both lash lifts and extensions are great solutions for common lash problems, there are a few factors to keep in mind before booking an appointment. For starters, lash lifts are mostly done on your natural lashes, so if you aren't content with the look or length of them, try lash extensions instead. While it's possible to receive both treatments, a lash lift is needed prior to getting extensions to help your aesthetician give you the best possible extensions that match the look of your lifted lashes.


Since mascara is part of most beauty routines, it's natural to want to continue the step even after getting lash lifts or extensions, but you'll need to wait between 24 and 48 hours after getting a lash lift. Your lashes need time to set into place, so avoid using mascara and other lash tools during this waiting period. With extensions, mascara truly isn't necessary, as the treatment gives you the same look, though they require upkeep every two to four weeks.

No matter which lash service you end up choosing, either treatment should get you closer to your lash dreams.