Sweaty Feet Begone - Foot Antiperspirant Exists & It's Here To Save The Day

There are many products on the market to help us feel fresh and clean throughout our busy days — most of us don't leave home without brushing our teeth, applying deodorant, and spraying a bit of perfume or cologne. But there is still a place on our bodies that many cannot seem to keep from emitting an egregious odor, and that place is our feet. Feet — like our underarms — have sweat glands that activate when we move; some people even have excessive sweating of the feet called plantar hyperhidrosis (via Medical News Today). It causes self-consciousness and embarrassment, and many people who struggle with sweaty feet feel helpless in their plight.


No matter how well you clean your feet in the shower or bath, the discomfort of sweaty feet can still appear and really frustrate those who suffer from it. However, there are things you can do to remedy your smelly feet issues. Because this is such a common problem, foot antiperspirants and deodorants have made their way into the personal hygiene scene. But before you try them, it's important to know if these products are right for your feet and how to apply them properly.

Foot antiperspirants keep your feet dry and fight smell-emitting bacteria

If you are looking to enhance your foot hygiene, you may want to give foot deodorant or antiperspirant a try. They work to fight foot odor the way our underarm deodorants do: They get rid of unpleasant smells produced by our feet and in our shoes by eliminating the bacteria that cause these stinky side effects. According to Feet First Clinic, foot deodorants act as a sort of force field between your feet and your shoes. Their main purpose is to expel bacteria, but they can provide other benefits at the same time. For instance, excessively sweaty feet oftentimes produce sores and blisters, but by using foot deodorant, you can take the pain away with the odor and keep your feet feeling clean and soft.


If you have conditions that make your feet itchy as well as sweaty, foot antiperspirants could help this as well. Since they keep your feet dry, there is less of a chance of bacteria growing, causing irritation to the toes and other parts of the feet.

These hygiene products aren't for everyone

While it's best to discuss using any new health products with your doctor, foot deodorants and antiperspirants should work for most people who have healthy skin. They come in sprays, powders, and lotions, which will allow you to keep your feet smelling fresh in whichever way is easiest for you. But after you read the application directions, you'll want to note how your skin reacts when you apply the product to your foot. Sometimes, antiperspirants can throw off the chemistry of your skin and create irritated patches, so people with sensitive skin issues may not be able to tolerate all products.


Foot deodorant users should also understand that these products do not work to fight any foot fungus that you may be suffering from. Those are separate issues, and confusing them could make any discomfort you are currently having worse. Once you've met with your doctor to remedy any fungal symptoms, you will probably be all set to try these hygiene products. You can purchase foot deodorants and antiperspirants from your local pharmacy and start reaping the benefits of less sweaty — and fresher-smelling — feet.