How To Banish Wrinkles In Your Leather Pieces Without Causing Damage

How many times have you found yourself about to leave the house wearing a leather jacket, but it's covered in wrinkles? Or, maybe it was a leather bag or pair of shoes.

Turns out, there are multiple ways to remove wrinkles, each with their own risks and limitations, of course. Ironing is the most effective method, but you could damage your leather pieces if you are not careful. Meanwhile, smoothing the material with a wrinkle-releasing spray is the safest option (unless it's unfinished leather or suede), but the downside is that it won't remove the wrinkles as easily.


So, what should you do? Taking care of your leather pieces is essential. Exposing leather to water is the quickest way for tough creases to form. Plus, the way you store your pieces affects them. A leather jacket, for instance, should be placed on a wide hanger. Shoes and bags should be stuffed with crumpled butter paper or bubble wrap to preserve the shape. And when you want to store these pieces for a longer amount of time, wrap them in a breathable fabric like a muslin cloth or dust bag.

Here's how you can breathe life back into some of the most worn leather pieces in your closet.

Use an iron on the lowest setting possible

While reaching for an iron is a go-to for completely smoothing out wrinkles, even the lowest setting is hot enough to damage leather. The heat can potentially scorch your piece, leaving burn marks and ruining the grain pattern. However, you can add a layer of cloth between the iron and your leather piece so they never touch each other directly. A pillowcase or cotton towel is fine as long as they're clean.


Start by setting your iron to the lowest setting possible. If it has a steam setting, make sure to empty any water from it. Then, lay your piece flat on an ironing board and cover it with your cloth. Once your iron is done heating up, you can start smoothing the wrinkles away like you would for any other material. Just make sure the pillowcase or towel covers your leather piece at all times.

Mix together your own wrinkle-releasing solution

Don't want to risk using an iron on your precious leather pieces? You can also use a wrinkle-releasing spray. Although, you should never use this method if you are trying to de-wrinkle unfinished leather or suede. If this is the case, instead of buying a commercial wrinkle releaser, you can mix your own by diluting one part rubbing alcohol with one part water, then pouring the mixture into a spray bottle.


Spray your leather piece from a distance so that it lightly covers the material. The mixture should loosen the leather, making it easier to stretch and smooth out the wrinkles using your hands. This DIY solution also doubles as a cleaner, so you may notice some clean specks peaking through as a result. No need to worry; you can get rid of them by lightly spraying more of the mixture and wiping it down with a clean cloth. Keep in mind, though, that the alcohol and water combination dries out leather, so be sure to follow up using a conditioner formulated for leather goods once you are done getting rid of all the wrinkles.

Here's to enjoying your favorite leather pieces again!