Why Dating A Short King Should Never Stop You From Wearing Heels

As a society, we put a lot of emphasis on men's height. Log in to a dating app, and you'll find most men share their height in their profile, for instance, and many women prefer their men to be tall. "Many women like taller men because they equate height to overall strength," dating coach Connell Barrett tells AskMen, though there are, of course, many women who don't care a lot about strength or height.

Those who date shorter men then sometimes struggle with whether or not they should wear heels out of fear of making their partner insecure. Congratulations on dating a short king, but if this is a concern, then you're feeding right into societal indoctrination.n One of the most celebrated American authors and Nobel Laureate, William Faulkner, was 5'5". The greatest living soccer player, Lionel Messi, is 5'7". One of the most talented musicians of the 20th century, Prince, was 5'2". At 5'10", awarding-winning actor Zendaya is 2 inches taller than her partner Tom Holland, but that never prevents her from wearing heels. See where this is going?

Height does not make a man because, like you and everyone else out there, people are more than their height, weight, eye color, hair length — all of it. Just because you're dating a short king doesn't mean you need to put your heels in the back of the closet. If anything, put them in the front.

The idea that women should be shorter is antiquated

Yes, from an evolutionary perspective, women generally desire tall men more often than short ones, but this attraction goes back to the days of hunters and gatherers. It was expected that men would be taller and stronger so that they could protect women after a day of hunting dinosaurs for dinner. Just kidding — dinosaurs and humans never shared the planet at the same time, but this time period is where this notion stems from nonetheless. 

Still, the concept of women needing to be taken care of and protected after a day of gathering berries is thousands of years old. Nowadays, a woman can roll into Whole Foods, grab some blueberries, strawberries, and maybe some basil and burrata and get home without the fear of being eaten by a wild animal, while men, if we want to debunk harmful gender stereotypes, don't need to be tall to be successful at their office jobs — or be billionaires. Both Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are 5'7". Because of this, heels should never be off-limits. If you simply them or they make you feel sexy — or anything in between — grab them and rock them.

Because you should do what makes you happy

Not that anyone needs to be told the obvious, but here goes: Life is too short to not lean into all the things you love, enjoy, and make you happy. Your partner being shorter than you doesn't mean you shouldn't embrace the fact that you're a heel lover and not wear what you want to wear and look fabulous in the process. It's also worth noting that a short man standing next to his taller partner already knows he's short and, in many cases, loves it. Your short king wants you to wear shoes that make you feel sexy and irresistible, even if they do add 4 inches to you. What's more, if your partner does uncover insecurities about their height when you wear heels, you must know deep down that the issue isn't you. You can help them overcome their insecurity, but you don't need to change your favorite clothing choices for it.

Height, like age, is just a number, and, unless you're Thumbelina, and no bigger than a thumb so you need a lift to reach things here and there, there's really no reason to avoid short guys. There's especially no excuse for not wearing your heels when you two are out together.