8 Outdated Summer Shoe Trends To Sidestep This Season

By now, we all know that shoes can make or break an outfit. While they may seem like simple accessories, a pair of shoes can take the same look from casual to sporty to dressed up. They can add a pop of color or a little bit of texture. And they're an easy way to stay up to date on the trends of the season.

However, as any fashion girlie knows, the trend cycle moves quickly. What was hot last summer isn't guaranteed to still be of the moment in upcoming summers (if you ask us, summer 2023's fashion trends are looking quite hot). Still, that doesn't mean you have to throw out your entire shoe wardrobe every year. After all, there are probably pairs you love despite them not being the trendiest. Plus, there's a good chance they may come back in style in a few seasons since the trend cycle is, well, cyclical.

But if you're looking to update your shoes for the season, there are some trending styles we're expecting to see this summer. Of course, with styles that are in, there are styles that go out. For a pre-summer shoe purge, these are the style you may want to set aside this summer.

Round toes

Yes, it's wild to have such an overarching category go completely out of style, but if you look at all the trending shoes of the moment, very few feature round toes. Instead, the trend cycle points to square and pointy toes for a more modern and stylish look. Square-toed sandals and heels are particularly popular for the summer. As for pointy toes, ballet flats, D'orsays, and slingbacks have come back with this sharp style. Both pointed and square-toes are a little more visually interesting, so they'll add a sleek edge to your outfit.

Cone and pyramid heels

High heels are a go-to when wanting to dress up an outfit, but cone and pyramid heels are on their way out this summer. Cone heels are thicker at the base and narrow towards the point, while pyramid heels are thin stilettos but have a small pyramid at the tip (so you aren't walking on a tiny point). Both have fallen out of style in favor of thick block heels and kitten heels: Block heels are sleeker and more timeless, while minimal kitten heels are a sleek option if you're looking for something more comfortable.

Sporty sandals

Sporty sandals like Birkenstocks and Tevas were a comfortable and sporty option that got a fashionable upgrade after their debut. They're a favorite for how comfortable they are, but from a fashion standpoint, the trend cycle is moving away from sporty, velcro-clad sandals in favor of more minimalist and sleek styles this summer. This isn't to say that comfort is going entirely by the wayside, but this upcoming season is seeing sandals with fewer straps and sleek slip-ons. Snakeskin and braided styles are expected to reign supreme this year.

Chunky sneakers

Fashion has long been influenced by street style, which is why chunky sneakers exploded in popularity in recent years. The thick, often white sneakers were the go-to addition to laid-back jeans and casual dresses to infuse a bit of effortless cool to a look. But these sneakers are falling out of favor for sleeker and more retro-inspired styles. They still have the same sporty element but in a more on-trend way. Plus, they often come in unique color combinations, which can add a pop to your look. Still, we don't recommend wearing sneakers with dresses this summer.

Clear, plastic-y heels

Clear, plastic heels were the top choice for a night out — an essential component of a clubbing or date night 'fit. But these shoes have been on the way and aren't expected to be adorning many looks this summer. While they may give the appearance your shoes are magically staying on your feet, the clear plastic is difficult to elevate and can easily come off looking cheap. This summer, add height to your outfit with wedges and platform espadrilles, both of which have more staying power than these ultra-trendy pieces.

Summer combat boots

Boots aren't only for the cooler months. Combat boots are a staple to add a little edge to an outfit, but the thick combat boots are no longer the top choice for summer close-toed shoes. Cowgirl boots have been trending, especially as concert season revs up. White cowgirl boots, in particular, have been the go-to for trend-forward thinkers. But if you're still after a little edge, opt for a chunky moto boot instead of the combat style this summer.

Traditional ballet flats

Ballet flats fell out of favor after being on top for a long time, but the style is back, possibly thanks to the rise in balletcore, a fashion aesthetic popularized on social media. But this isn't to say you should reach for your flats from the 2000s and 2010s. Mary Janes, flats with a strap, and two-toned flats are the popular option this summer. Sleek, black ballet flats are favored by European women this season, but those around the world who want to be a little extra chic can grab them, too. Ultimately these shoes are comfortable and the perfect addition to the soft-girl aesthetic.

Platform loafers

A sprinkle of menswear can look so chic with the right outfit, which is why platform loafers became one of the "it" shoes of seasons past. Loafers are timeless pieces that will never fully go out of style, but some of the details of the style are certain to fluctuate, as is the case with platform loafers. Style, in general, is leaning more sleek, so chunky styles are giving way to more traditional loafers and oxfords, especially with minimal details. Still, they're still ideal to pair with jeans, shorts, and dresses all summer long.