How To Elevate Your Basic White Tank Style

Basics are called basics for a reason. They're pieces everyone needs in their closet, and they're the foundation for building outfit after outfit. One of our favorite basics is a white tank. Though white tanks can easily turn into boring and useless pieces, they can just as easily be chic and fashion-forward. With the right styling tips, a basic white tank is an essential that can be worn just as much as any other piece of clothing in your closet — it's the perfect piece for your capsule wardrobe and one you need for the perfect vacation capsule wardrobe.

If you don't believe us, take a moment to reflect — there's no color or pattern that can't be paired with white, and this opens up tons of styling opportunities. White tanks can be dressed up or dressed down, layered or worn alone. We're quite serious when we say there are thousands of ways to wear a white tank. If you need a little inspo, we've got you covered. Here's how to elevate your basic white tank style.

Rock it with jeans

Wearing a white tank with a pair of jeans might seem basic, but we promise you it's not — it's classic and easy but not basic. That said, do be sure to pair the right white tank with the right pair of jeans, and be sure to style the pieces well. Avoid wearing a slouchy tank over a fitted pair of jeans, and make good use of tucking in your tank. Opt for a light or medium wash over a dark wash, and your white tank will look totally fashionable.

Accessorize with jewelry

Jewelry instantly elevates any outfit, and the same goes for a basic white tank. Pair your tank with whatever bottoms you like, and level up the outfit by adding your favorite pieces of jewelry. Since it's a neutral basic, any jewelry will look great with a white tank, but gold pieces especially pop. Go for a minimalistic vibe, and let your best jewelry shine, or take a maximalist approach by stacking all your best bracelets and necklaces. It's an easy way to turn a basic piece of clothing into an outfit.

Try it with a denim skirt

Denim skirts are having a major moment right now, and if you're hesitant to try the trend, pairing one with a basic white tank might have you reconsider your stance. A basic white tank lets the denim skirt have its moment, giving you some rustic glam. The trick to making this trend work is choosing the right denim skirt. Avoid ones that are too baggy or shapeless, and opt for one that's figure-hugging with a defining feature, such as a front slit or a unique wash.

Take it tight

We love a loose-fitting tank top, but we're also fans of one that's tight. A tight white tank is a great basic that provides tons of styling freedom. It can be worn under jackets or cardigans and with baggy or tight bottoms. It makes for easy accessorizing and pairs well with both casual and dressy pieces. And, perhaps, the best part about tight white tanks is they're easy to find and reasonably priced. Lots of stylists recommend splurging on basics, but why do so when tons of high-quality tanks are available at affordable prices?

Pick one that's cropped

Don't be afraid to show some skin when wearing a white tank. Yes, you're already showing your arms, but feel free to show your tummy, too. A cropped white tank is super cute and looks effortlessly cool. Wear it with low-rise jeans and a belt or a pair of baggy trousers. If you're after a little more coverage, pair it with high-waisted jeans or bottoms with a paper bag waist. It's an easy outfit for summer and the perfect opportunity to show off some body jewelry.

Go braless

If you've seen stars such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid go braless and have wanted to give the look a go but were unsure where to start, try it out with a basic white tank. Wearing a basic item you're familiar with will ease any discomfort you might feel when going braless, and a white tank makes the look chic and not tacky. Choose a tank with a sheerness level you're comfortable with, and pair it with your favorite denim. Feel free to throw a blazer over top if you're still wary.

Opt for a square neckline

Basic white tanks are often thought of with a high neckline, but there are lots of tanks with various necklines that'll look just as stylish. If you're tired of the quintessential basic white tank, switch it up with one boasting a square neckline. Square necklines are elegant yet edgy, and the minor swap will give a fresh feeling to your outfit. Square necklines are especially flattering on women with small busts, so if you're in that category, a square-neck white tank is a fabulous option for spring and summer.

Pair with trousers

Trousers used to be reserved for the office, but that notion is a thing of the past. Trousers are acceptable anywhere, and they pair perfectly with a basic white tank. What makes it work so well is the juxtaposition. The white tank is cool and casual, while the trousers are dressy and deliberate. They give the tank some class, while the tank keeps the outfit effortless and breezy. You can wear this outfit just about anywhere, too — whether headed to lunch or into the office for a casual Friday.

Rock a pair of heels

If you need to dress up your white tank, throw on a pair of heels. Heels take everything from day to night, even a white tank. And when you keep the pieces of your outfit basic, you leave room for the shoes to have some personality. A pair of nude heels looks great with a white tank, but so does a neon pump or a metallic stiletto. If you've been dying to break in an outrageous pair of heels you've had trouble styling, rock them with a basic white tank.

Put on a ball cap

Is any styling piece more low-maintenance than a ball cap? If so, we'd like to know what. A ball cap and a white tank go together like all your favorite duos. A ball cap is an excellent accessory to pair with a white tank. It's perfect for extending your hair-washing schedule another day or pairing with sunglasses when you want to run errands makeup-free, but it can just as easily be worn with a blazer or a skirt for dressier looks.

Go monochromatic

When in doubt, go monochromatic. Monochromatic looks are endlessly chic, and an all-white look with a basic tank on top is an easy outfit to put together. A pair of white trousers gives the outfit a cool tone, while a white miniskirt makes it cute and preppy. Pair the outfit with your favorite sneakers, or throw on some easy sandals. There are tons of ways to style the look further, but starting with monochromatic pieces is already stylish. You'll feel entirely put together.

Wear it with leather

Just because a white tank is called "basic" doesn't mean it has to look it, and an easy way to remove it from the basic category is by adding leather. Leather instantly adds edge to any outfit, and, with a white tank top, there are plenty of ways to pair leather pieces. Test out the look with a pair of leather leggings or a leather miniskirt, or take it super classic with a leather jacket. Also, don't shy away from colored leather — it doesn't just have to be black.

Throw a button-down overtop

There's nothing breezier than a button-down, so if you're looking for a casual, comfortable way to style your basic white tank, grab one. Button-downs are an underrated styling piece — their versatility is unmatched, and they're incredibly easy to work with. Toss on an unbuttoned button-down over your white tank when in a rush, or fasten the buttons halfway for a more put-together look. Keep it super casual with a pair of joggers, or make it work-appropriate with a pair of trousers. A button-down is an excellent layering piece that'll make your white tank more wearable.

Wear with an oversized blazer

A button-down isn't the only layering piece to throw over a white tank. If you love an oversized piece but want more structure, opt for an oversized blazer with your white tank. A blazer is a great piece to wear for the oversized look because it won't drown you, and it instantly makes a white tank wearable in a dressier environment. You can style an oversized blazer with fitted trousers, a pair of biker shorts, or oversized denim. Add a pair of white sneakers, or opt for sleek black booties to complete the look.

Try unique layering

A white tank is usually styled as the bottom piece in a layered outfit, but it doesn't have to be. Add intrigue to your outfit and layering journey by putting your white tank on top. A chic way to do this is by layering a white long-sleeved turtleneck tee underneath. Once you start uniquely layering your white tank, you may become more adventurous and try it over other colors, whether black or pale pink. Wear what you like, and don't be afraid to take some fashion risks.

Find one with a logo

It's easy to get caught up in styling a piece and forget that it has its own elements that make it interesting. Don't make that mistake with a white tank, especially one with a logo. Most white tanks don't come with an adornment of any kind, so it could be difficult to find one with a logo. If you do, pair it with basic pieces such as a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, as the logo will act as a styling element akin to a cool accessory.

Add overalls

Overalls are a super easy way to elevate your basic white tank style. Wear a classic long pair with the straps over your shoulders, or wear a shorter pair with one strap undone. Try a pair in classic denim, or go for black denim. Once you've found a pair that fits well, you can style them with your white tank in a multitude of ways, all of which yield a casual, cute look. Top it off with a pair of white canvas sneakers.

Wear a tank with tights

When it comes to a white tank, no styling element is off the table, including tights. Because tights make outfits dressier, they're not typically worn with a casual piece such as a white tank, but we're here to tell you the look is edgy and cool. Use tights as an accessory to level up your basic white tank. Select a pair of basic black tights, or opt for something a little riskier like fishnets or a logo or patterned pair. Wear them under a miniskirt, or let them peek through distressed jeans.

Choose a ribbed tank

Some white tanks need a little styling, but others are perfectly capable on their own, including ribbed tanks. The texture of a ribbed tank makes it slightly bolder than a regular cotton tank, and, thus, it stands out amongst your other pieces more than its counterparts. Wear a ribbed tank when you want to keep things super basic, and pair it with casual denim or basic black trousers. The ribbed texture keeps it from feeling boring. Add some chic jewelry, and you're all set.

Turn it into loungewear

We're eternally grateful to society for agreeing that comfy loungewear is chic. And one chic and easy way to wear your loungewear is with a white tank, since it looks good with any pair of sweats — dark and baggy, light and fitted, cotton or polyester, or a blend. Pairing sweats with a white tank takes the thought out of styling, making for an easy morning getting dressed. Accessorize with some stacked jewelry to make it just a bit dressier without sacrificing comfort.

Pair with chic outerwear

White tanks don't need to be reserved for warm weather. With the right styling pieces, they can be worn throughout the entire year. Pair your white tank with some chic outerwear for a super stylish outfit. A white teddy or a classic trench will add class to the look, as will a bold puffer. This styling hack also makes leaving the house a mindless task. Wear chic outerwear over a white tank for school drop-off in the morning or to run errands on a chilly afternoon.

Add a midi skirt

Trade your miniskirt for a midi skirt, and pair it with a white tank. This styling choice is always pretty, and it makes a white tank perfect for a dressy night out or a party. A monochromatic look with a midi skirt is chic, especially with the right fabric. Ribbed cotton that's thick like a sweater is perfect for a chilly evening, and white satin will look fabulous when it's warm. Pair with a sleek jacket and black booties or sleek heels for the final look.

Pull out unique accessories

One of the best things about a white tank is it enables accessorizing. Most of us start generating outfit ideas in our heads using our favorite basic accessories when we hear that note, but we can just as easily take it as a directive to break out our most unique pieces. Pair your basic white tank with a bold belt or a brightly colored bag, and add a body chain or a fun headband. Use your white tank as a canvas, and color it with your most underused accessories.