Contrast Stitching Is The Easiest Way To Elevate Basic Outfits

Staring at your closet full of clothes and feeling as though you have nothing to wear is a universal experience. It's frustrating and confounding, and it often seems as though the only solution is to purchase more clothing. Well, sometimes that is the only solution, and if you're at that point, may we kindly suggest you consider purchasing a few pieces with contrast stitching? Contrast stitching is chic and easy to find, and it offers far more versatility than you might first think. We also promise that a piece or two with contrast stitching will at least temporarily remedy your problem of feeling as though you have nothing to wear.

One issue with contrast stitching, though, is that it can be a little intimidating to style; it can easily seem like there are too few options for wearing a contrast stitching piece. But with a few tips and the right accessories and pairing pieces, these garments are a breeze to style and totally wearable.

Cool girl denim

Contrast stitching is by no means a new denim trend, but it's been updated a bit in recent years. Instead of opting for a pair of jeans in a medium wash with white stitching, play up the contrast even more with a pair of dark wash or black jeans. The contrast will be that much starker, and it'll take the look from dated to trendy. If you can, pair the jeans with a matching denim jacket. Then, finish the look with a crop top and a pair of sneakers.

Effortless athleisure

Athleisure is simultaneously easy and difficult to find. Options abound, but not all are good. And even the good options sometimes leave us feeling a little stale. Update and elevate your athleisure look and stand out from the rest with a set that features contrast stitching. It's a great way to incorporate color into your outfit. Cover up a bit with an oversized denim jacket, or let the look shine on its own.

Easy dresses

We're all about easy dresses over here, especially ones with prominent contrast stitching. The best thing about contrast stitching on dresses is that it makes a dress that's easy to style and comfortable to wear look like it actually required a lot of effort to put together. And even though the detail adds intrigue to the dress and makes it stand out, it's still a versatile piece. It can be worn as-is or topped with a jacket, and it pairs just as well with heels as it does with sneakers.

Monochromatic looks

Contrast stitching doesn't mean monochromatic looks are out of the question. You can still rock the same color from head to toe with contrast stitching pieces; there's just a little added flair now. Contrast stitching is great in monochromatic looks because it offers an easy way to incorporate color through shoes and accessories. Match your other styling pieces to the color of the stitching, and you automatically have a cohesive look.

Oversized sweaters

We love oversized sweaters but understand why some have trouble with the piece. Too often, oversized sweaters are manufactured without any defining qualities and hit the shelves looking like balls of fabric instead of pieces of fashion. The trick to wearing an oversized sweater well is choosing one that doesn't fade into the rest of your outfit or your person. One such feature is contrast stitching. This simple feature will elevate your sweater and make it a prominent piece in your arsenal instead of one you wish you'd returned.

Matching sets

Contrast stitching is great, but it can be difficult to pair with other pieces, especially when the stitching doesn't blend with the rest of the article. Remedy this issue by purchasing pieces that come in matching sets. Matching sets make getting dressed a breeze, and they're a simple way to look put together no matter what you're dressing for. Find a matching set that's clearly two separate pieces, or opt for one that could be mistaken for a jumpsuit or dress. Either way, you'll look chic in a matter of minutes.

Easy pairing pieces

We've mentioned this styling tip already, but it bears repeating: Use the color of the stitching to match pieces with contrast stitching. If you have a bold piece that features prominent contrast stitching, it can be difficult to style with other pieces, but this tips lifts that burden. If the stitching is white, pair your top with white pants. If the stitching is black, pair your bottoms with a black top. Do the same with accessories. Make your pieces work for you to get the most wear possible out of them.

Chic outerwear

Contrast stitching can be a feature on any piece of clothing, and that includes outerwear. If you want a wardrobe staple that still has a little flair, look for outerwear that features contrast stitching. If you're worried the stitching could overwhelm the piece, find one where the contrast stitching is selective, like a trench that only has the feature on its collar and some flaps or a teddy where the contrast stitching is kept to the zipper. It makes the piece unique without limiting its wear time to a couple of years.

High-waisted jeans

Contrast stitching works best on pieces with unique structures because it acts as a highlighter. High-waisted jeans are a great example of this. Find a fun pair of high-waisted jeans with contrast stitching and rock them with a crop top or a bodysuit to really show off the pants. Match the look with a pair of wedges or booties for a boho feel, and be sure to accessorize well. Bonus points if you can find a metallic belt buckle to tie the entire look together.

Midi dresses

Who doesn't love a midi moment? Midi dresses are the perfect way to marry flirtatious with appropriate, and a midi dress with contrast stitching is a great way to set yourself apart from everyone else in a midi dress. Look for a midi dress with contrast stitching that creates panels for a shapely look, and pair it with strappy heels or booties in the color of the stitching. Keep the accessories minimalistic so the focus remains on the dress.

Lace-up pieces

Another fun feature to find in a contrast stitching piece is laces. What was once just meant for shoes has found its way into clothing, and it's a flirty feature that works well with contrast stitching. Find a piece that laces up in the front, or opt for one that keeps the features to the side. You can find this feature in tops, bottoms, and dresses, and it always makes the article bold and unique.

Cutout tops

As noted, contrast stitching works best when the piece already has something unique about its structure, like a cutout. Cutouts are already enough to make a piece stand out, but contrast stitching around the cutout makes it even bolder. The trick is to choose pieces with well-placed and well-sized cutouts; you don't want anything in an uncomfortable spot on your body or in an awkward size. Pair your cutout top with some baggy jeans and sneakers and accessorize with thin sunglasses and a small bag for an effortlessly cool look.

Denim jackets

Denim jackets are an essential styling piece. We all need at least one solid denim jacket in our closets, one that can be thrown over the top of any outfit in a pinch. But we also need a denim jacket that has a little more flair and shows our personal style. A great option is one with contrast stitching. Though not quite as versatile as a standard denim jacket, it still can be worn many ways, and it'll offer the same styling ease and comfort as its counterparts.

Fun jumpsuits

Aside from the chaos that ensues when trying to go to the bathroom when wearing one, a jumpsuit is a near-perfect piece of clothing. It works in a variety of settings, is easy to style, and makes getting dressed the simplest step in your morning routine. Give yourself more opportunities to get dressed with ease by adding a jumpsuit with contrast stitching to your collection. You won't have to purchase any other pieces to wear with the jumpsuit, and it'll look fabulous with a pair of nude heels or white sneakers.

Lettuce hems

Lettuce hems aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you're a fan of them, try out the trend with contrast stitching. A lettuce hem adds some flair to a piece with contrast stitching, and it helps define the look, both in structure and in the era from which you're drawing inspiration. Lettuce hems can be found on dresses and skirts, but the contrast stitching on the hem will look best on a top. Keep the look sweet by wearing dainty pieces of jewelry and light shoes that don't overpower your outfit.

Paneled tops

Play up a classic contrast stitching look by wearing a piece with panels. The panels should be big and a little staggered, and the stitching should be both horizontal and vertical. If you like, you can opt for a piece that has a more modern feature, like a cut-out or a cold shoulder. The top can be worn with a pair of trousers or a pair of jeans and completed with a good pair of chunky sneakers. And if you can also find a bag with contrast stitching, carry it.

Structured pieces

We love a structured piece, especially one with contrast stitching. Contrast stitching on an ultra-structured piece gives it a welcome touch of whimsy that we just love, and it makes for a piece that can be worn on its own. If you have a structured top with contrast stitching, make sure to wear it with bottoms that don't detract from the top, like form-fitting trousers or leather leggings. If you have a structured dress, keep any added pieces within the color family of the dress so it can be the pièce de résistance.

Formfitting dresses

Formfitting dresses aren't always comfortable to wear, especially if you're insecure about your figure. If this is the case, a formfitting dress with contrast stitching might just be your answer. The right contrast stitching can create an outline for your figure, helping to bolster your confidence. Wear one in a midi or mini length, and rock a pair of heels for a totally flirtatious look.

Tube tops

We have mentioned that contrast stitching pieces can be paired with pieces that come in the color of the stitching, but they can also be paired with pieces that match the fabric instead. If you want a more monochromatic look, pair a black tube top with contrast stitching with a pair of black pants. The tube top will already act as a statement piece. This look can be made casual with sweats or dressed up a bit with trousers, and either pant option can be worn with a pair of sneakers.

Neon stitching

Contrast stitching typically comes in black and white, but it can come in lots of other colors, too — and it does! If you're bored with black and white, opt for neon stitching. You can rock a look with pastel panels and neon stitching, or you can wear one with neon panels and neon stitching. Whatever the case, we do suggest wearing neon contrast stitching pieces as a set if possible. This will prevent your outfit from looking too chaotic. It'll take some hunting, but you'll feel great about what you snag.