5 Fresh Ways To Style Your Classic Black Jeans

Wearing black jeans is the biggest sign that someone has their life together. Or at least it's a good way to pretend to have it together. Basic as they appear to be, black jeans are wonderfully versatile and easy to style for almost any situation.


Not as casual as blue jeans and not as dressy as skirts or slacks, black jeans are the piece you should pull out of the closet on any occasion in between. For example: want to impress a date with an outfit that is understated yet still appropriate for an evening dining out? Flared black jeans with comfortable pumps and a flattering top are what you need. Looking for an outfit that can go from office chic to lunch with the girls? Straight-leg black jeans and a colorful blazer never fail.

See how simple? Keep reading for more ideas on how to style the classic black jean in their different shapes and cuts.

The cigarette jean

Straight-leg jeans are not to be confused with skinny jeans. Those are well and truly over, as far as we're concerned. It's about time our poor thighs get some room to breathe. Cigarette pants, though? Definitely in. Especially black ones.


Influencer and brand owner Matilda Djerf (in the photo above) rocks her black cigarette jeans with a navy blue T-shirt and black accessories. To recreate the laid-back, effortless, yet ultra-chic look, grab your best pair of straight-leg black jeans and pair them with dark colors. The result should scream skinny jeans à la French it-girl.

The flares

Flares fluctuate in and out of favor among fashion enthusiasts, but they always have one leg in the fashion game (pun intended). The flattering shape of flared jeans is undeniable, which means no matter what the biggest trend is, flares are always in. Legs. For. Days. (And don't get us started on the way they hug your hips.)


For a different take on flares, go for the black flared jeans and amp up the cool factor with a monochrome look. Statement boots and a cropped leather jacket will accentuate the pant's most flattering points and showcase yours.

The low-waisted jean

We've all gone through the five stages of grief and reached acceptance, right? And even a reluctant obsession with the low-waisted comeback. The resurgence of this Y2K trend is impossible to ignore, and we're not complaining.


Loose-fitting black jeans are perfect for this trend. And the good news? You don't need to show too much midriff to wear them. For a relaxed look (and peace of mind), have your underwear peeking out, and voilà. The best way to do this is to wear either men's briefs or your favorite white or black undies.

The dad fit

Baggy jeans are the comfiest to wear and yet can be the toughest to style. If done wrong, you could easily step out looking shapeless and dreary rather than laid-back and cool. 

To avoid this, opt for a tight top. To make further contrast between the baggy jean and the form-fitting top, stick to a lighter color for the shirt. This will accentuate your figure and break up the monotony. Keep a balance between the masculine dad fit of the jean and the feminine touches with a motorcycle jacket and ballet flats.


The bootcut

Bootcut jeans are an appealing yet intimidating alternative. They're not flared or baggy, nor straight and tight. They often follow a straight cut and open up slightly at the end, which makes for a shape all of its own. But how do you style that?


Flat shoes, or even sneakers, work best with the cut of these pants. We suggest wearing your black bootcut jeans with some cool Vans or dainty ballet flats and accentuating the waist with a statement belt. Pair with your cutest jacket and colorful accessories, and you're good to go.