Simple-Yet-Surreal Hair Spirals Are An Unavoidable Beauty Trend Right Now

If you're the kind of person who likes to keep up to date on the latest beauty trends, then you likely also watch out for what happens to be popular when it comes to chic hairstyles. On that note, although you may know about and, of course, love spiral curls, you might also want to check out hair spirals, which aren't quite the same thing.

You might have spotted Lizzo slaying the style when she showed up at the 2023 Grammy Awards. The look was the work of stylist Shelbeniece Swain and featured a single spiral that swirled down the center of the star's forehead. Other famous figures have also been spotted with their own takes on the enchanting spiral, such as model and entrepreneur Lori Harvey, fashion influencer Alyssa Coscarelli, and actor Tessa Thompson. Celebrity stylist Lacy Redway, who created the lovely loopy look for the latter to wear while promoting the star's 2023 film, explained to Harper's BAZAAR, "There was quite a buildup leading up to the 'Creed III' LA premiere hairstyle. The original idea was birthed from a portrait of the French surrealistic artist Claude Cahun that Tessa shared with me. I took my twist on the inspiration and came up with some unique ways to showcase a variety of shapes throughout the press tour." Indeed, there are plenty of attractive and undeniably appealing ways to pull off this simple-yet-surreal spiral hairstyle.

One hair spiral

Thanks to the fact that this style gives your look such an eye-catching touch, you don't have to create a large spiral in order to give your hair an enviable accent. A single swirl can do the trick, especially if it's placed in just the right spot. Although Lizzo opted for one that was upfront and center, the one above is off to the side of the forehead. It's also a perfect little spiral that is the tip of the baby hair which has been slicked down and shines to perfection.

Two hair spirals

Double up on your style game with the help of two hair spirals. With one on either side of your forehead, you can choose to have them swirling the same way on one day and then opposite on another occasion. While the look has been created with relatively small shapes in this case, they would appear just as striking if they were even bigger. You can also accentuate them further by adding curves of hair outside of the spirals and crossed hair in between with the rest slicked right back.

Side hair spirals

Make your profile even more stunning by opting for hair spirals that are on the side of your head. Either add one that's down lower by your ear or choose to have two on either side with one higher by your temple and another below the first. This is another option that would look incredible with tiny swirls but can also be done with bigger ones if you're feeling bold. It's also a fabulous choice if you have your hair braided and want something equally awesome for your bangs or baby hair.

Front and side hair spirals

If you can't decide between front hair spirals and ones on the sides, then you can simply have it all by combining them. Start with a pair of larger spirals in the middle of your forehead and then add two slightly smaller ones that are spaced out from the first. From there, you can incorporate a couple of longer spirals that reach down and complete the look. Try playing with the exact size and placement of each design until you come up with something that suits your face and your tastes perfectly.

Hair spiral and wave

Put another twist on this curvy style by adding a wave. Giving you the option of bringing your hair down further even if you're not working with a lot of length, you can also use a thin section of hair and still end up with something lovely. Think about including one wave that ends with a little swirl while adding another wave and swirl combo that attempts to mimic the same pattern of dips and twirls.

Extreme hair spirals

You might be the kind of person who wants to stand out in a crowd or who loves to embrace artistic aesthetics. Either way, you might not be able to resist these extreme hair spirals. Using longer pieces of hair to form multiple swoops and loops, each continuous line of this lady's spirals flows across her forehead or down to her cheekbones. Although the end result is undeniably over-the-top, it might be just what you're looking for if you have an edgy event or quirky party to attend.