The 3 Types Of Taurus Sun And The Differences Between Them

It is often asked by those new to astrology why there is such a large variance in the behaviors and personality traits of people born under the same sun sign. The typical answer highlights the fact that every individual is influenced by the placement of an entire array of planets and asteroids at the moment of their birth, not just their sun sign. While this is very much true, it doesn't provide the full picture.


Each zodiac sign is divided into three categories, known as decans. This means that there are significant differences present in the same sun sign, even without taking other birth chart placements into consideration. For instance, if you've ever noticed that you have a harder time getting along with "December Capricorns" than "January Capricorns,"  you've likely picked up on these differences. Today, let's take a deep dive into the differences between the three types of Taurus sun natives. 

Type one: luxury driven

The first type of Taurus sun natives have birthdates that range from April 20 — 29. These are the folks who give Taurians the reputation for being partial to expensive goods and services. Some may call them snobs. These Taurians are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, romance, love, and satisfaction, and they won't settle for less in any aspect of life. They live for grand gestures, expensive gifts, and over-the-top displays of affection.


To support their need for the best money can buy, type-one Taurus suns tend to spend most of their lives focused on monetary success. They will chase money, even at the cost of their personal relationships. Their love language tends to be giving and receiving gifts, and they may struggle to maintain relationships with people who value quality time over material items. If not carefully grounded, these Taurians can be consumed by materialism and forget how to enjoy the smaller things in life. 

Type two: creative mastermind

Taurians born from April 30 — May 10 fall under the second type of Taurus sun native. These bulls channel all the energy that type one Taurians pour into obtaining a luxurious lifestyle into creating and appreciating art. They are fiercely drawn to creative arts such as music, poetry, dance, acting, comedy, and even motivational speaking. Mercury, the ruler of the second decan of Taurus, is the planet of communication and personal expression.


Type-two Taurians will still find themselves drawn to traditional financial success, which can put them at odds with their desire to pursue expressive art. Those who can find a way to turn their creativity into a well-paying career will be the happiest of this bunch. These are natives who hold both money and art in high regard, but they value loyalty just as highly. Type twos will always make space in their lives for meaningful human connection. 

Type three: rigid tycoon

Type-three Taurians are most likely to be considered challenging by other signs. These natives were born from May 11 to May 20 and are ruled by Saturn, the patriarch of the zodiac. Saturn rules over organization, discipline, structure, wisdom, and history. This manifests in type-three Taurians as stubbornness, resistance to change, disagreeability, and domination. This is the Taurus who refuses to consider anyone else's idea for the group project and may even take credit for them later.


Type-three Taurus sun natives have a strong need to be recognized for their hard work and genius. This can lead them to overwork themselves into burnout or throw others under the bus to boost their reputation. Their saving grace is their unwavering loyalty and support for their loved ones. If you happen to be the family member, spouse, or best friend of a type-three Taurus, you can count on being taken care of for life. Every sign, every type, and every person comes with strengths and weaknesses. It's up to you to decide which ones you value.