3D Gummy Nails Are The Viral Whimsical Manicure Trend Bringing The Fun This Summer

Of all the fun nail trends we've been seeing all over social media this season, 3D gummy nails has got to be one of our favorites. They're whimsical and playful, and some of the designs we've seen are pretty out there. From realistic-looking gummy bears to psychedelic swirls, there's no limit to what you can do with 3D nail art.

The trend first popped up in Korea in 2021 and was seen on K-pop stars such as Blackpink members Jennie and Lisa. Soon, the jelly nail trend took over the U.S., and megastars such as Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry were spotted rocking 3D nails. It looks as if they're making the rounds again, as this summer is all about fun and youthful looks. Run to your nearest salon to get your nails popping like a hologram, stack on some candy-coated jewelry, and you'll be the trendiest person this summer.

Candy nails look good enough to eat

Who doesn't love gummy bears as a sweet treat? These lime-green gummies on nails look so realistic, it would be hard not to accidentally munch on them. Choose one finger to highlight or place multicolored gummy bears on all your fingers. Everyone knows you can't have just one of these yummy sweets.

Flash your hands with neon 3D nails

Light up this summer with multicolored neon nails! The psychedelic colors look groovy as they are, but pop-up swirls added on give the hands extra dimension. Keep the designs loose with free-forming spirals. We're digging the clear gel, which allows the fun colors to shine through. To DIY at home, look for clear builder gel and apply it over your colored polish with a small, thin brush.

Make your black nail polish look summery with rainbow blobs

If you love wearing black nail polish all year long, lighten it up this summer with some rainbow highlights. Loose blob circles make your licorice-colored fingers look fun and free-spirited. This design is also great for those who want a low-maintenance 3D look. To make them look extra enticing, have your nail technician apply a super-shiny topcoat.

Add your favorite emoji to your nails

These days, you can have a whole conversation with someone just by using emojis. Everyone has a go-to favorite, so why not put one on your nails? Go cheeky with a fun peach emoji on your ring fingers. This tiny design is perfect for those who like to keep their nails short.

Bring the beach to your 3D nails

Summer is all about sun and sand, and if you're a beach lover, this starfish design is just for you. Dive into the beach motif with varying shades of the sunset and ocean on your other fingers. If you have a super-simple design, it's safe to apply the gel directly onto your nail. For more complex nail art, acrylics might be your best bet

Regardless of your style, 3D nail art is one fun trend you'll have to try this season.