Bronze Brunette Is The Trend Elevating Dark Locks To The Next Dimension

Who says brown hair is blah? For years, it seemed like brown hair is the boring, dull hair color option. But in the 2020s, people are finally starting to understand that brown locks can be just as beautiful and exciting as any other hair color. Instead of dying their whole head blond, black, or red in hopes of having a more eye-catching hair color, people with brown hair are learning to embrace and enhance their tresses. In 2023, many people opt for the gorgeous yet subtle candlelit brunette trend, the cool smoky brunette spring hair trend, and many other variations of brown hair. Some people who don't have brown hair are even dying their locks to try these beautiful brown hues!

Bronze brunette is another trendy 2023 hair color option, as @silvestrihair shared a TikTok of this rich brown hue, featuring an intriguing bronze tint. After all, many of us use bronzer to warm up our makeup, so it was only a matter of time until people would want the bronzer effect they apply to their faces on their hair, too.

Your hair will look mesmerizing

Have you always wanted shiny, warm, expensive-looking hair? The bronze brunette look can give your locks all those qualities. Featuring a subtle tint of gold-like and copper-ish hints, your dark or medium-brown hair will have just enough touches of bronze to appear more lively while staying in the brunette range.

Bronze brunette is a great alternative to traditional highlights

If you like highlighting your brown hair, consider opting for bronze highlights next time. Bronze brunette doesn't have to be an entire hair color, as you can choose bronze highlights instead of committing to a whole new hue for your hair. If you typically get blond highlights, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised if you go for bronze instead.

Try a light bronze

Do you prefer lighter hair colors and worry that the bronze brunette look might be a bit too dark for you? Just ask for a lighter variation of bronze. Try opting for a color somewhere in between gold and bronze for a lighter look that still falls within the bronze category for a trendy bronde vibe if you don't want to abandon your brown hair color but enjoy blonder hues. You'll get the best of both worlds!

Consider a bronze balayage or ombré

A bronze balayage or ombré will look beautiful and trendy and is about as low-maintenance as any hair color can be. Thus, a bronze balayage or ombré is perfect for anyone who wants to add more life to their brown locks but doesn't want to have to frequently go back to the salon. Plus, this look will be perfect for any season, as it will liven your tresses for summer but still appear rich enough for winter.