7 Summer 2023 Skincare Trends That Will Streamline Your Routine

Summer is just around the corner, so it's time to get on top of skincare trends that will be the talk of the beauty and wellness worlds very soon. The chatter has already started, and for good reason, as these trends are founded on simple practices that can help you cultivate healthy habits from start to finish. Whatever your summer plans this year, these practices will help you streamline your routine so that you can spend less time at the bathroom counter and more time having fun!

The trends gaining traction as summer 2023 draws near are focused on minimizing the number of steps in your skincare routine — a welcome change for those who find themselves stressed just thinking about the number of serums, moisturizers, and beauty products in their current routines. In addition to stress relief, this summer's skincare trends focus on additional wellness and safety rituals that can protect your skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals. If you haven't already heard of them, you're likely to soon become familiar with the terms "skinminimalism" and "skin streaming," along with biotech beauty and hybrid cosmetics. From multi-use and multitasking skincare products to clean beauty, the summer 2023 skincare and cosmetics trends are rooted in sustainability. Here's what to know about the best skincare trends of summer 2023 and how to incorporate them into your own skincare regimen as seamlessly as possible. 

Always make SPF your skincare BFF

The golden rule of skincare is to protect your skin from as much damage as possible, especially during the summer. For this reason, consider adding sunscreen and products with SPF to your morning routine. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, it is essential to apply a product with a sun protection factor (SPF) to any exposed skin first thing in the morning. If you plan to be indoors most of the day, you should look for products that have a minimum label of SPF 30 and be certain to apply SPF products to the sensitive skin on your face and lips, the latter of which can be achieved by using a lip balm which includes SPF. Should you have plans to be outside, especially during summer months, then choose products with at least SPF 60 and be mindful that you apply sunscreen or a product with SPF to any exposed skin not covered by your clothing, such as your legs and feet if you opt for shorts and sandals during the summer.

Since sunscreen and skincare products with SPF help to protect against premature aging, sun damage, and skin cancers, they can literally be life-saving. When daydreaming about spending time at the pool or beach this summer, keep in mind that sunscreen is the skincare version of a lifeguard and never go anywhere without it. 

Skinstreaming is the trend for simple skincare

Since you likely want to have as much fun in the sun as you possibly can this summer, you'll want to find ways to spend less time at the bathroom counter applying your skincare routine. This is where skin streaming comes in, a growing trend that is focused on decreasing the number of products and steps in skincare routines. 

Currently, the average number of steps in skincare routines has increased so dramatically that modern skincare regimens have far surpassed double digits. A survey conducted in the United Kingdom found that the average skincare routine for femme-identifying individuals has increased over the past decade from eight to 27 steps, reports Yahoo News. The survey also discovered that in 2006, daily skincare routines took an estimated 17 minutes but now surpass the majority of an hour. You only have 24 hours in the day, so you likely want to take advantage of every minute you have, especially when enjoying the extra sunlight hours of the summer months. To reclaim your time and avoid applying unnecessary products to your skin, skin streaming is your skincare fairy godmother. Look for hybrid or combination products, and keep notes of which products in your regimen are most effective on your skin.

Hybrid makeup-skincare items make great helpers

If you're in search of a minimalist approach to skincare, whether because you want to soak up more time in the sun this summer or you're simply tired of the exhaustive skincare regimen you currently have, then using hybrid products is the trend of summer 2023 that you'll instantly fall in love with! Hybrid or combination skincare products can help you streamline your morning and evening skincare routines while cutting down on the amount of time you spend in front of the mirror. 

As the summer draws closer, the options for hybrid skincare products on the market are increasing. Depending on your preferences and skincare needs, you might opt for a foundation that includes SPF, peptides, hyaluronic acid, or other moisturizing properties. You're likely to be pleasantly surprised by the recent innovations in hybrid makeup and skincare products, such as mascaras that nourish lashes, condition them, and help them grow.

There are countless options when it comes to hybrid products, so the best advice is to know exactly what your skincare needs are and what type of results you hope to gain from your skincare products. Some beneficial additions found in hybrid products include vitamin C for a healthy glow, vitamin E, aloe vera, zinc, and jojoba oil. 

Freeze-dried is the future of skincare

Hybrid and combination items are leading products on the innovation front of cosmetics, but the technological advances don't stop there. Inventions within the skincare industry abound and they're becoming increasingly advanced, with impressive results stemming from creations with futuristic vibes. According to NewBeauty, the techniques used for freeze-drying food are now being applied to processes used to create skincare products. In short, freeze-dried products are those that are waterless because they've undergone procedures involving pressure and low-grade heat to dehydrate the ingredients. 

When using freeze-dried skincare products, the user adds a small amount of water to the product just before using it to rehydrate the components. The skin absorbs the original ingredients in their rawest and most potent forms since each ingredient has been frozen in its freshest state. Freeze-dried cosmetics also preserve the longevity of skincare products, creating a more sustainable product, which benefits the environment. The future of skincare is limitless with freeze-dried products leading the way.

Be bold with biotech products

For even more technological betterments within the skincare realm, biotech products are another summer 2023 trend taking over the market and buzz. Biotechnology has long been used in medicine and other scientific fields, with a newfound emergence within cosmetics that are providing streamlined and sustainable options for users. 

Happi reports that biotech beauty is rooted in the use of technology, medicine, biology, and chemistry to understand how to create effective, healthy, and environmentally sustainable products. As far as hyperpigmentation is concerned, for example, many biotech skincare products are better equipped to treat the dark spots of discolored skin and make them disappear faster than traditional skincare products can. Biotech products can also treat acne scars and other skin ailments just as effectively. 

Biotech beauty and skincare products tend to be cleaner as well, meaning that they are less likely to contain ingredients that would be dangerous to your body and the environment, per Sepai. Of course, you should always research the ingredients within any and all of your skincare products since your body absorbs everything you apply to your skin, but you can rest assured that the biotech beauty space is moving toward cleaner ingredients, which is perfectly aligned with the summer 2023 trend of clean, healthy, and streamlined skincare.

Citrus skincare

Every year when the sun starts shining more prominently and the weather begins to warm, one of the juiciest draws is the array of fruity summer scents. From citrus to tropical, the scent trends of summer 2023 are as juicy as the buzz about them. Bringing together the minimalist and combination desires of skin streaming, the multi-purpose effects of hybrid products, and the technology behind innovative advancements in cosmetics, there are plenty of products on the market that utilize the strength of vitamin C found in citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes to create skincare products that make your skin glow as warm as the summer sunshine.  

Total Beauty reveals that skincare products such as lip balms and moisturizers can now be found not just with refreshing fruity scents, but with the combinations and additions of coconut oil, avocado oil, and citrus juices to nourish, revitalize, and moisturize skin while delivering sunny aromas. Lip products, such as glosses, can also be found with hyaluronic acid, creating a powerhouse moisturizing product. The use of ingredients like coconut oil, apricot oil, and similar items culminate in products with natural and organic origins, which can further the sustainability, environmental friendliness, and health safety of your skincare. To take it a step further, look for perfumes and sprays made from clean ingredients when curating your personalized summer 2023 scent. 

Get organized for optimal results

Similar to skin streaming, organization and eliminating obstacles to creating and maintaining sustainable habits is another trend taking effect. For the purposes of this trend, the streamlining is focused on your bathroom counter, vanity, or wherever you conduct your daily skincare routine. Minimizing clutter and the number of products in front of you, which can easily cause overwhelm and stress just by the sight of a cluttered space, can have vastly positive benefits on your skincare routine and your overall wellness. The inclusion of multitasking skincare products in your regimen can automatically reduce clutter by condensing the benefits of several products into one — exactly how hybrid products are meant to work — but the summer 2023 trend of being sustainable and organized goes a step further to include keeping your physical space in good order so that you can embrace all that the summer has to offer in other areas of your life, such as relationships and professional opportunities. 

To organize your bathroom counter, HGTV recommends making use of jars, containers, canisters, and wall-mounted organizers to provide each skincare and beauty product with its own home, including hair products like hair dryers and curling irons. Once an item has been placed in a drawer or inside of a jar, use a labeling strip or other form of marker to explicitly make known that the item will belong in that space.