What Are The Benefits Of A Trendy Sauna Blanket?

If you are a consistent sauna user, you probably know the benefits that come from a 10-minute session in a room with infrared heat. Saunas help our bodies to relieve chronic pain, stabilize our mental health, and allow us to relax. Saunas use dry heat with low humidity and can get up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit, per Healthline. Although saunas are popular, not everyone can get to one, which might be why more people are opting for sauna blankets.

Much like a sauna at the gym, a sauna blanket provides many benefits for our bodies. Sauna blankets are available in many different styles, and they are popping up in department stores as well as being available online. Much like a sleeping bag, they allow users to fully zip into them while they relax in the heat. Because the blanket is closer to your body, the heat works faster and more effectively. In addition, instead of being in a sauna with other people, this encompasses a single person, making it more hygienic than an infrared sauna session at the gym. This kind of treatment is available to blanket users 24 hours a day in the privacy of their own home, so they have ample opportunity to enjoy both the physical and mental benefits of the technology.

The physical benefits of a sauna blanket

The physical benefits of a sauna blanket are helpful to anyone who exercises regularly. A sauna blanket's infrared heat helps users to heal any sore muscles that they may have from working out because it increases blood flow, allowing more circulation throughout the body (via MedicalNewsToday). In addition to sore muscle therapy, it can help to rid our bodies of excess water weight and help us shed some pounds. 

Sauna blankets use infrared heat that replicates that of the sun. Sauna blankets are safer than outdoor heat because there is no threat of cancer-causing UV rays. While you immerse yourself in the blanket, heat penetrates your core, warming you. By increasing blood flow and circulation, the blanket makes your body feel good from head to toe. This same circulation helps to stimulate skin cells to minimize wrinkles and cellulite, making it an effective anti-aching mechanism, per HigherDose

Although these are great benefits, perhaps it's the way the blanket helps users mentally that makes this product so popular.

Benefits for the mind

Sauna blankets really help you feel your best physically, but one of the most popular reasons the trendy sauna blanket has made its way on the market is the mental benefits it provides. MiHigh explains that the sauna blanket improves our mood by dilating the blood vessels. This paves the way for increased blood circulation and thus increased levels of oxygen being sent to the brain, along with other important nutrients. If our brains are stimulated, it gets rid of toxins that can hold us back and give us negative feelings.

In addition to being mood boosters, sauna blankets help reduce stress by causing the body to lower cortisol levels (via Gravity Blanket). Cortisol is a hormone released by the body when we are stressed. Reducing it will improve sleep quality and also improve brain function. Since your body is feeling good and your mind is calmed from using this blanket, your heart health and mental health may improve as well. As such, the sauna blanket can be an incredibly effective way to increase your physical and mental health.