Turns Out Vaping Isn't Just Bad For Your Lungs - It's Harsh To Your Skin As Well

It's widely known that vape pens, also known as e-cigarettes, are less harmful than cigarettes. This has led many users to believe the risks are minimal or even non-existent, but in reality, they still pose a number of health risks, since most e-cigarettes contain nicotine. We've known about the dangers of nicotine in cigarettes for decades. Heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, throat cancer — these are just a few of the ways it can damage the body, as the American Heart Association explains.


Research on vaping is more recent since e-cigarettes haven't been around as long. However, there's enough evidence to suggest that the nicotine content is still harmful. According to Hopkins Medicine, data suggests a correlation between chronic lung disease and e-cigarettes, but that's not the only reason you shouldn't use them. They can also cause some unwanted skin side effects, including premature aging in the form of wrinkles. Infections, acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions are also possibilities.

Vaping can cause wrinkles

Dr. Charlotte Woodward, a dermatologist and clinical director at River Aesthetics, spoke with The Sun about the damaging effects that vaping can have on skin. She said the nicotine in vape pens "reduc[es] oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin." This deprivation of oxygen and nutrients "causes the skin to become severely dehydrated, which impacts overall elasticity, leads to premature wrinkles, and causes the skin to sag." According to Cleveland Clinic, skin can start wrinkling after age 25, but vaping can cause it to age even sooner.


The topic of prematurely aging skin and vaping surfaced on Reddit, where a former vaper claimed the wrinkles caused by vaping aren't permanent: "When I vape ... my skin looks saggier and has more distinct lines. Whenever I quit my face tightens back up and looks so much healthier. I recently just committed to actually quitting."

Another user also recommended quitting because of the damage vaping does to skin. "Trust me, I know enough people in their 30s who would have great skin if they hadn't started smoking in their teens and kept going," they commented.

Vaping can cause skin infections, acne, and other skin problems

Two other doctors with expertise on the effects of vaping on skin also shared their thoughts with The Sun. Dr. Salome Dharamshi, dermatologist and founder of The Sky Clinic, said vaping can increase the chances of skin infections: "This happens because when vaping, the skin cells are exposed to numerous toxins, which impacts their normal functioning."


Dr. Victoria Manning, a co-clinical director at River Aesthetics, added that the nicotine content in e-cigarettes has been connected to psoriasis, certain skin cancers, chronic inflammation, pigmentation issues, and other skin problems, including acne. According to Healthnews, the chemicals in e-cigarettes, especially propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, can irritate the skin. This skin irritation can eventually lead to clogged pores, which can then lead to acne.

A 35-year-old vaper confirmed the correlation between vaping and acne by sharing their experience on Reddit. After using an e-cigarette kit for about a month, they noticed that their skin started breaking out badly. "Not one or two, that pop up now and then, but a f*** tonne. I am a teenager again," they said. They ended the post by saying, "It aint cool, being 35 and pimply." A few other users had similar experiences. The original poster claimed that their acne cleared up about two weeks after quitting vaping.