June's Strawberry Moon Is Bringing Joy & Romance To Your Life, According To Astrologers

June 2023 will bring more than just the long-awaited arrival of summer; it's also when we get to witness the annual Strawberry Moon. If you've ever perused "The Old Farmer's Almanac," you might be familiar with the fact that every full moon of the year has what can be thought of as a nickname. While it may seem unfathomable now, people haven't always been equipped with calculators, clocks, and calendar apps in their back pockets. Instead, they once kept track of the seasons with aptly named moons.


At the height of winter's brutal cold, we experience the full Cold Moon. April showers bring the full Flower Moon along with May flowers. In June, the full Strawberry Moon once let gatherers know that nature's bounty of fresh berries was ripe and ready to eat. We may no longer need the moon's guidance to know which season we're approaching, but the astrological significance of these events remains. As such, Glam spoke to professional astrologer Kerry Ward of TarotToo and astrology columnist Bella Nguen of Indielogy to get their exclusive takes on what to expect from this year's Strawberry Moon. 

Love and romance

June is widely considered the most desirable month for weddings. The weather is beautiful and joy feels palpable in the air. The Strawberry Moon underlines this natural propensity for early summer love and romance. "It's the perfect time to create, believe in, embed, and begin to manifest your ideal vision of love," Kerry Ward exclusively tells Glam.


"When the Strawberry Moon graces the sky, its energy will heighten emotions, particularly those tied to love and relationships," Bella Nguen adds. "This is a time for open dialogue, for expressing feelings honestly, and for deepening connections. It's an invitation to be authentic in your expression of love and to embrace love in its most diverse forms." If you've been on the fence about telling someone how you feel about them or putting off having "the talk" about where your relationship is headed, the Strawberry Moon is offering you the perfect time to have those conversations. 

Manifestation station

If you've been patiently waiting for love to finally come your way, the Strawberry Moon is practically begging you to embrace its passionate energy to manifest the true love you've always dreamed of. "Work with the lunar energy, align with the seasonal themes; give yourself the best chance of living the love life you dream of this Strawberry Moon," Kerry Ward advises. "The best way to prepare is to put aside time the night before, the night of, and the night after the Strawberry Moon for love spell work." Ward's exclusive recipe for a simple love spell love? Put your favorite red or pink crystal under your pillow to ignite your passion.


Bella Nguen offers a reminder to use the Strawberry Moon as a reminder to finish up any spring cleaning you've put off by clearing out both your physical and emotional spaces. "This might mean releasing any emotional baggage that's been lingering or creating an inclusive, welcoming space for love and acceptance in all its forms," she elaborates. 

Acceptance for all

The loving atmosphere that is fostered by the Strawberry Moon reaches much deeper than just romance. Its energy can be tapped into on a communal and societal level as well. According to Bella Nguen's exclusive advice, we can do this by "engaging in mindful meditation, setting clear intentions for love (whether it's self-love, romantic love, or communal love), and affirming our own deservingness of love." "In the process," she adds, "let's acknowledge the unique journeys and struggles faced by LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and POC communities, celebrating the power of love to uplift and heal."


The more freely you give love, the more freely you'll receive it, especially during the Strawberry Moon. If you love someone who is part of a marginalized community, let them know how you feel. Ask to hear their stories and share your admiration for the love and joy they embrace all year long, even in the face of adversity. 

Beauty and gratitude

It's difficult to manifest love from someone else if you can't first find love for yourself. Consider starting off your Strawberry Moon celebration with a self-love fest. "Create a beautifying ritual on the night of the full moon with candles, oils, crystals, and all of your favorite pampering products," Kerry Ward exclusively instructs Glam. "As you bathe, ideally with moonlight streaming through the window, talk to yourself about your unique powers of attraction."


Bella Nguen's advice? Show gratitude for the love you already have in your life. "Above all, the Strawberry Moon serves as a reminder to express gratitude for the love we have in our lives and for the love yet to come," she explains. "Amidst all the preparations, let's not forget to pause and appreciate the love we share in our beautifully diverse communities." Like attracts like, so you can call more love into your life by holding up the love that is already there and basking in your appreciation for it. By the time next year's Strawberry Moon comes around, you'll undoubtedly have even more love and beauty to feel grateful for.