May's Black Moon Is The Time To Focus On Yourself & Your Needs

Every 33 months, there is a fourth new moon during the spring season. This bonus new moon is known as a Black Moon, and you can expect to experience one on Friday, May 19, 2023. This spring's Black Moon will take place in Taurus, a practical earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of passion and pleasure. When combined, these energies create themes of pleasure and luxury centered around the home and the self.


New moons represent new beginnings, as each kicks off a new lunar cycle. The "extra" nature of a Black Moon plus the tangible practicality of Taurus and the pleasure-seeking nature of its ruler, Venus, call for some seriously indulgent self-care. This is the time to go all out on spending your time, energy, and/or money on yourself and your needs. With careful consideration, you can harness the energy of this Black Moon to treat yourself and recharge. 

Prepare your space

Regardless of what we might manage to convince ourselves at times, it is not possible to truly relax in a space that feels cluttered, dirty, or uncomfortable. Choose which room or area you'll be dedicating to restorative self-care during the Black Moon and take some time to clear out the clutter — even if that means just stacking items temporarily in another room. Clean the room's surfaces and floors and open up the curtains to allow natural light in.


If the weather is permitting and your room has windows, open them to invite fresh air inside. If you struggle to remember how much better you feel in a clean, clear space, consider taking before and after pictures to use to motivate yourself in the future. If you're able, bring in fresh-cut flowers to add life, vitality, and beauty. Finally, cleanse the energy of the space using incense, sage smoke, sound, and crystals. 

Plan your ritual

The way you practice self-care during the Black Moon will largely depend on the specific activities you find relaxing and restorative. If you're a fan of a luxurious bubble bath, now is the time to go all out. Buy the expensive bath oil you've been eyeing. Add flower petals, citrus slices, and fancy salts. If you're more of a foodie than a bath enthusiast, splurge on some high-quality ingredients and make an elevated version of your favorite recipe, then enjoy it with a nice glass of wine while wearing some luxurious loungewear.


The keys to soaking up the energy of the Black Moon are to spend it at home (or in a homey environment, like a close friend's house) and to engage in activities that you find easy, stress-free, leisurely, and relaxing. Try to keep the socializing to a minimum. Solo self-care or pairing up with just one or two similar-minded close friends is best for this fairly rare astrological event.