A Professional Tarot Card Reader's Tips For Asking Questions At Your First Reading

If you've ever been interested in having your tarot cards read by a professional card reader, you are not alone. During these times of uncertainty and stress, people are looking toward anything that can provide them some calm and clarity about events that have happened in the past — as well as the things that have yet to happen in their futures. The Washington Post states that tarot has become wildly popular with Gen Z especially: "It's part of a wider trend of younger Americans mixing and matching different forms of spiritual or religious practices with one another."


Because of this tarot card intrigue, those who are thinking of inviting the practice into their soul-searching may not know exactly what to do at a reading. If you are interested in getting a reading but are a little intimidated to actually go through with making the appointment, you may just need to do a little preparation before going. Glam recently spoke with Patti Woods, a tarot reader based in Connecticut, and she gave us her advice on what to do when we meet our tarot reader for the first time, including the best kinds of questions to ask.

Come prepared

When you attend your first reading, Patti Woods tells Glam exclusively that tarot reading goers should come prepared with questions to ask. "The best questions are open-ended," she says. So instead of asking closed questions that start with "When" or "Will," consider questions that leave room for movement and interpretation. For instance, try questions that start with "What can I do ...?" and "How can I best approach ...?"


The answers to questions like these will be more helpful in leading you toward the best version of yourself, and they will help your reader give you as much information as is available to them. This information your reader provides you can help you make decisions about your future endeavors — maybe even beyond those you initially asked about in your reading. Coming prepared with an open mind and open questions will give both you and your reader a point of focus and set you up for the best meeting possible.

Nerves are normal

If you are ready to jump into this form of self-exploration, it's important to acknowledge that nerves are normal. After all, this isn't like watching a tarot video on TikTok — you're meeting with someone who can present intimate information about your life, especially if you're asking about issues that are sensitive. Tarot reader Patti Woods exclusively tells Glam that being nervous about something this personal is absolutely normal. "But if you approach it with an open mind," she says, "You'll find that the cards are a powerful tool for helping you look at the possibilities and options that surround you."


No matter what you ask, your reader is your guide through the cards. If you have an open mind and are ready to embrace the experience, you and your reader can feel in sync faster, making more time for this real discovery process. During your appointment, your tarot reader could introduce some ideas and challenges that you had never before considered. By being open to any information that could impact you — and following up with more open questions, should the opportunity arise — the things you could learn about yourself are exciting and limitless.