'Nap Dresses' Are The Breezy, Comfy Trend That Lets You Relax In Style

Frilly, feminine, and fit for, well, napping, the nap dress is a trend that leads the way in comfort and soft elegance. What differentiates a nap dress from a regular dress? Essentially, it's comfy enough to doze off in while reading on a picnic blanket in the afternoon breeze but also stylish and structured enough to wear out to lunch with friends or on a quick Target run. The nap dress is effortlessly chic, youthful, and fresh.

Some of the defining characteristics of the nap dress are puffy cap sleeves, pleated fabric, and flowy soft energy. Whether in florals, plaids, or solids, we love the variety of this breezy, ethereal summertime staple. There is something romantic about the nap dress that evokes slow living and a certain "be here now" vibe we just can't get enough of. Put on one, and you'll likely find yourself taking the best nap of your life — perhaps in an open field of wildflowers. Here's a closer look at the comfy trend that lets you relax in style.

Beachy beauty

The nap dress transitions seamlessly to beach life, making it perfect for lounging, collecting seashells, and grounding yourself with the rhythms of the sea. You could also opt to use a nap dress as a swimsuit coverup and simplify your summer wardrobe. We love the ocean tone of this turquoise nap dress. This one definitely makes the cut as a must-own dress

Casual comfort

Endlessly versatile and easily accessorized, the nap dress pairs well with slides or strappy sandals. We predict it'll be tricky to go anywhere near jeans after donning the nap dress this summer — and rightly so. Who would want to change out of something that has the comfort of a nightgown and the chic vibes of a hot summer trend?

Plaid prairie vibes

While it's natural to associate plaid with old-timey nightgowns, the patterned nap dress is nothing if not fresh and on-trend. With its charming country feel, we are on board with the cute, eye-catching frills of the plaid nap dress. It's perfect for weekend getaways or picnics in the park with your besties.

Pastel passion

Already soft and feminine, a nap dress in gentle pastel tones is hands-down as dreamy as can be. Ideal for slightly more elegant outings, a lavender or baby blue nap dress is on point when it comes to adventuring as a tourist. Cute hair accessories and totes complement this already charming look, so be ready to rest in each moment with top-notch comfort.

Made for motherhood

If the first thing you thought of when you saw the nap dress was motherhood, you aren't alone. There's something classically maternal and soft about the nap dress that most of us just can't help but associate with a mom toting her little one around on her hip. While you most likely aren't doing much actual napping if you are in the throes of motherhood, you still definitely deserve the comfort of a nap dress.

Summer roaming

Nothing says carefree summertime roaming like the easy, breezy, billowy flow of a nap dress. Typically made of soft cotton, the nap dress tends to be breathable even in super warm climates. They may stretch out a bit with wear (and chances are high that could happen quickly), so some recommend sizing down.

Flattering and free flowing

The nap dress is not only comfortable, but it also flatters the figure while still flowing loosely and freely. Whether you opt for maxi or midi length, solid, patterned, or embroidered, the nap dress is sure to become a staple in your go-to warm-weather wardrobe. It also has big Scandinavian summer vibes, and we are beyond ready for it.