Beverage Girly Culture Proves We All Deserve A Little Treat (Or 3)

Sometimes you just need a cold brew coffee or a fresh fruit smoothie to get you through that afternoon push at your desk when the fatigue begins to set in. And perhaps you allow yourself to splurge on a special beverage some days, while just powering through with your trusty — yet slightly underwhelming — water bottle on others. But if the "at least three drinks at all times" or "beverage goblin" TikTok trends taught us anything, it's that we very much do deserve a little treat — or three.


Kombucha, coffee, boba tea, matcha, sparkling water, green juice — whatever your preferred combo of drinks is to have at the ready, beverage girly culture tells us they are ours to enjoy, guilt-free. Typically, however, one beverage is for hydration, one is for energy, and one is just for fun. Here's a closer look at the evolution of beverage girly culture and why we all deserve to indulge in our favorite drinks throughout the day.

Multiple beverages multiply joy

With more of a conversation growing around a healthy work-life balance, preventing burnout, professional and personal well-being in your WFH space, and self-care, it's no surprise that smaller steps to encourage joy — like beverage girly culture — are also trending. Many people are now working remotely from the comfort of home or have set their own hours and work a four-day work week. The pressure of grind culture is loosening as we all begin to remember that balance in life is far more important than a constant hustle.


Enjoying a hibiscus sparkling water, iced coconut latte, and apple cider vinegar detox elixir — all at once — is a small snapshot of that movement into joy, pleasure, and ease. If having a fridge stocked full of beverage choices gives you the lift and inspiration to optimize your workday, then, why not? Plus, you'll likely be far more hydrated engaging in beverage girly culture than resisting the fun.

The TikTok beverage girlies were right

While we may have felt the pressure to deprive ourselves of these little joys in the past, we can all get on board with a wellness trend that encourages both hydration and fun. "To me, the height of luxury is drinking three liquids at once," says TikTok user @sophiawpelton. "In those moments, I just feel like I have it all. I'm living large and I am a little prince." And who wouldn't feel the same?


Sipping from three lovely, diverse beverages at your desk mid-morning invokes feelings of brunching on some sort of special occasion. This is a vibe we want to carry throughout every workday. And it's also possible that having your wellness girly beverages at your side brings you the comfort you need to operate efficiently throughout your shift. "A beverage goblin needs her beverages to make her brain run," sang TikTok user @thecenteredlife – and we just can't argue with that.