The 3 Types Of Capricorn Sun And The Differences Between Them

Have you ever known a Leo who just didn't care for the spotlight or a Virgo who didn't really have strong organizational skills? What about a Capricorn who was actually pretty laid back? Some of us simply might not identify with our sun sign much, but perhaps we relate to our moon sign or ascendant instead. But it's also possible that your Mercury sign is the reason you don't feel like a typical Leo, Virgo, or Capricorn.


Mercury may not be discussed as much as "the big three" when it comes to the zodiac, but it's a pretty prominent placement and defines a lot in regard to the way you communicate and relate to the world. Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the sun, so if you're a Capricorn, your Mercury sign is either in Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius. That Mercury placement can have a big impact on what type of Capricorn someone is — here's a deeper dive into these three types of Capricorns and the differences between them.

Capricorn sun and Sagittarius Mercury

A Capricorn sun who has a fiery Sagittarius Mercury is going to embody some of the archetypes of the comedian and the bold risk-taker. Their blunt, slightly shocking humor may not be for everyone, but it'll certainly carry them places. These individuals are the authoritative type and are likely to dominate most social scenarios and conversations. They are wise and philosophical, and they bring levity to heavy situations.


While Capricorns with these Mercury placements may seem more adventurous due to that Sagittarian influence, in true Capricorn fashion, they can't help but take on large responsibilities and see life from a more pragmatic lens under the dry humor and wit. Typically community-minded, they also have tender hearts for the humanity of others and tend to be open-minded people. You are likely to find them standing up for the less fortunate and bringing people together to better understand one another. Rebellious by nature and not likely to bow down to authority, they aren't afraid to make waves and take chances.

Capricorn sun and Capricorn Mercury

With heavy Capricorn influences from both their sun and Mercury placements, these individuals are firmly grounded in who they are and aren't likely to adapt their personalities to the crowd around them. Cautious, pragmatic, and very earthy, these placements know when to speak and when to save their thoughts for another time. Other people may be surprised by their great sense of humor and ability to uplift others, as they do come off as rather serious at first — but if you have a Capricorn in your life, you likely already understand this


They may take a fair while to warm up to new friends, and their exterior isn't always warm and inviting. But once they let you in, you'll have a lot of fun with their surprisingly playful attitude. They may not see themselves as rightful authorities on topics they are actually well-versed in, so encourage them to speak up when it's very much their place. They aren't necessarily shy or insecure individuals, but it isn't exactly easy to crack their shells. Give them time and allow them to be their true selves, even if that means letting them hold you at arm's length until they're comfortable letting you in.

Capricorn sun and Aquarius Mercury

This combination is sturdy and scientific, yet they often emanate the otherworldly, whimsical qualities of Aquarius that others will be quite taken by. They tend to have the mind of an engineer and are always looking at the bigger picture. Those with a Capricorn sun and Aquarius Mercury are skillful debaters and will often win; if they don't feel confident they'll come out victorious, they likely won't play. They are thinkers through and through, embodying a dichotomy of spirituality and logic. If you're close with an Aquarius, you know they're always guarding their feelings, and this is typical of someone with their Mercury in Aquarius as well. 


These individuals follow their enthusiasm in life, and often a hobby that piques their interest will develop into a bigger project or possibly even a career path. Nothing captivates them more than the object of their focus, and they will give that passion their all. In spite of their logical mindsets, they see beauty in the organic structure of the world and would never be described as boring by anyone who has exchanged a few words with them.