'Pearly Girly' Nails Are The Latest Opalescent Chrome Trend To Class Up Your Next Manicure

Thanks to dainty and hyper-feminine trends such as balletcore and fairycore, pearls are in the spotlight in 2023. Pearls typically appear delicate and classically beautiful, so we all know pearl jewelry can add a lovely touch to any look; fashion enthusiasts are looking for modern ways to pull pearls into their wardrobes, incorporating pearls into all their ensembles. Even pearl eyebrows are a trend to take your look to the next level in 2023, so it's no surprise that the pearl trend is coming for our manicures.

Hailey Bieber even rocked a "pearly girly" — as she called it — pearl-inspired manicure, and it's one of her most beautiful manis yet. After all, if pearls are making their way to eyebrows, how could they not look great as nail design inspiration? "Pearls have long been loved. They are not only timeless and traditional but also unique and dynamic," Jin Junsura, founder of the Matara jewelry brand, told Marie Claire. While having a classic look, pearlescent nails are also versatile, so a pearl-inspired, or opalescent, manicure can appear elegant, sleek, trendy, bold, or all of the above.

Flaunt a white pearlescent look

We can't think of a better way to make your nails look like genuine pearls than to rock a shiny white manicure. Famous for their white, shiny appearance, pearls look ultra-elegant and clean, so take inspiration from this smooth look. Opt for a shiny, semi-sheer white nail polish, or paint your nails white and add a super glossy coat to make them look as pearl-like as possible.

Shinier is better

A crucial aspect of a pearl-inspired manicure is shine. You don't have to paint your nails white to present a pearly look, but they should still be shiny. If you don't want white nails, add a shiny, sheer-ish polish to your nails to make them shimmer like pearls. And keep in mind that we're saying "shiny," not "sparkly." While glittery manicures are super fun, they don't typically exude pearl-like vibes, so think "smooth" and "glossy" rather than "glittery."

Take inspiration from colorful or dark pearls

Do you prefer colorful or dark manicures over white or nude nails but want to rock a "pearly girly" manicure? That's no problem, as colorful and dark pearls are beautiful alternatives to classic white pearls. So, take inspiration from genuine colorful pearls and paint your nails a glossy blue, pink, gray, black, green, lavender, or a different glassy color on each nail for a bolder spin on the pearl-inspired look.

Add pearl nail art

Anyone who wants to take the "pearly girly" looks even further should opt for pearl-inspired nail art. You can get this eye-catching look at a nail salon or by purchasing pearl nail decals online or from a store that sells nail supplies. Wearing 3D decals that look like pearls on your nails will make your manicure ultra-trendy, stylish, and bold — in a dainty, classy way.

Work with contrast

Not every one of your nails has to give "pearly girly" vibes. If you like contrast, try only giving your ring finger — or any other finger — the pearl-inspired look, or use a pearl decal, and paint the rest of your nails in an ordinary hue. The contrast will make the pearl designs pop even more for a unique manicure.