Messy, Undone Waves Are Upping The Ante On Beachy Looks & We're Here For It

Summer is all about being free and expressive, which means you'll be seeing a lot of loose, slightly disheveled-looking beach hair. Think just-rolled-out-of-bed, undid-your-messy-bun and shook-out-your-hair kind of look. This style is super fun and carefree — and we're digging it because it's all about being imperfect. The size of the waves doesn't have to match — in fact, some of your strands can be straight, while others can have slight kinks.

If your hair is straight, spritz some texturizing spray on dry hair and use a 2-inch barrel curling iron to make loose waves. Work the iron in different directions so your curls aren't too uniform, and pull your hair out of the barrel as you get toward the ends to straighten them out a little. If you have slightly wavy hair, you're in luck. All you need is to scrunch in some texturizing or wave spray onto dry hair, working in sections. Are your tresses curly? You'll need to straighten them out a bit with a flat iron, making sure not to smooth them out too much. When you're done, shake your hair out with your fingers, slip on a pair of shades, and strut out into the summer sun.

Loose waves are extra sultry with peekaboo curtain bangs

If you're growing out your bangs or want to try them without committing to a full-out fringe, curtain bangs are your answer. They blend in seamlessly with messy, beachy waves and are super easy to style. For a no-fuss look, braid your hair into one or two big sections after a wash and let it air dry (overnight if you wash your hair before bedtime). After it's dry, undo your braids, and voilà! Easy, breezy waves with minimal styling.

Spiral mermaid waves are giving us major beach vibes

If your hair is naturally curly, play them up this summer with fun spiral waves. Bring out the sparkle by running some hair oil into your locks or spritzing on a shine spray. To keep your hair out of your face, secure the top half into a top bun and let the rest of your hair flow in the breeze.

Level up your expensive brunette hair with beachy waves

This season, many people are opting for a low-maintenance brunette shade as opposed to the blonde balayage we've been seeing for years. Treat yourself to an expensive brunette color or the trending subtle candlelit brunette shade that looks as if your hair is lit from within. If your tresses are on the fine side, use a three-barrel curling iron to get mega volume. After you're done curling your hair, put your head upside down and shake out the curls so they're not too uniform. Remember, slightly messy is best for this look.

Start your waves from the top

For an all-over wave, put your hair in several buns while it's still wet, starting from the crown of your head. Using a hair dryer with a diffuser, blast your strands with medium-to-high heat until they're completely dry. Undo your buns and scrunch your hair with texturizing spray or mousse. Don't brush your hair or it'll end up poofy. Simply tousle with your fingers and go.

Red carpet waves are effortlessly chic for a night out

Sure, beachy waves give a casual vibe, but who says you can't rock them for a night out? Jamie Chung is the queen of effortlessly laid-back looks, which she proves with her long, messy waves paired with a tie-front shirt and matching pants. We love the way her tousled hair falls naturally, complementing her vacation-vibe outfit. Cool-girl summer is almost here, so start practicing your beachy waves stat!