Wait, Can An Injection Really Zap Your Zits? Here's What To Know

Zits, also known as the bane of our existence. No matter the cause of your acne, whether it be hormones, stress, or a new product you tried, it can be complicated to rid your face of it. Many people try creams, serums, and, sometimes, even prescription medications, but still see little to no results. The worst are those pesky pimples that appear right before a big event that make you wish there was an instant cure for zits. What if we told you that the magic treatment you are wishing for was a real thing?

While there are many products that promise fast results, there is one solution that actually can zap your zits in the form of an injection. If you are thinking about zapping your big zit with the injection, you aren't alone, as many people use this as a "quick fix" for their pimples. Zapping pimples isn't just for the ultra-rich and Hollywood celebrities, as dermatologists around the world are using this as a quick fix for people's big days, but what really is in this injection, and is it safe?

About the injection that treats pimples

If you have heard about people heading to their dermatologist and simply asking for a shot to cure their pimples — they aren't lying. Cortisone shots for pimples are real. "The injection consists of a very dilute solution of a very specific concentration of a particular corticosteroid, like triamcinolone (Kenalog)," according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Linda C. Honet in an interview with NewBeauty. Is the injection a miracle drug for all acne? The short answer is no, but it can be a miracle at the moment if you have a large cystic bump that appears right before a big day in your life.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work on all types of acne, but it is known for reducing the size of cystic acne within hours. While the spot most likely will not completely go away immediately, it will go away quicker than it would without treatment. Without treatment, one cystic pimple can stay on the face for weeks. Plus, the reduction in inflammation will make it simpler to cover with makeup. The shot is typically inserted directly into the cystic pimple, where the anti-inflammatory immediately goes to work, reducing the swelling and redness around the area.

Is it safe to get injections for my pimples?

While injections for a new cystic pimple are safe, it is not recommended in any other case. Older cystic pimples are often not big enough or swollen enough to qualify for treatment, as per NewBeauty. Plus, other types of acne, such as blackheads, are not improved with the shot, shared Dr. Jennifer Herrman, dermatologist, via Into The Gloss

On the other hand, there are side effects that don't make it recommended for regular use in the same area. One of the biggest reasons that doctors don't recommend getting cortisone shots in the same area until after six weeks is because of the thinning of the skin at the injection site, according to Healthline. In turn, this can lead to a visible dent in the same area where the cyst was located. While the dent often goes away by itself, sometimes it doesn't and requires a filler. Other side effects include hypopigmentation, which usually resolves on its own, and negative effects throughout your body from the steroid in the shot. However, this only occurs when too much is injected into the skin.